Fire Your Boss! It's the Only Responsible Thing to Do

Written by Debra Thorsen

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I would like to point you to a vision of an alternative work world. One in which you build a life while you build your business. One in which you build multiple revenue streams, some active and some passive. One that is integrated withrepparttar life you want to be living.

A Vision of Life After You Fire Your Boss and Step Outside ofrepparttar 134988 Cubeworld

1)You feel passionate aboutrepparttar 134989 work you do. 2)Your work is an expression of your true self. 3)You are free to express your passion and all of your other natural, human emotions. 4)Cooperation is valued over competition. 5)Mindful parenting is viewed as important and challenging work that adds to your value as a worker. 6)Personalized vision and purpose statements replace titles. 7)Office spaces are wherever you work most effectively and efficiently (i.e. park bench, coffee shop, home office). 8)Work hours are flexible and determined by your body clock, lifestyle, and inspiration. 9)You are free to pursue many vocations simultaneously. 10)The point is not to climb a linear, vertical career ladder, but to try on different works, fail joyously and repeatedly, while building wealth, having fun, and learning.

My vision forrepparttar 134990 future is one in which Corporate Cubeworlds are rare. They become extinct because people are no longer willing to work in Cubeworlds. The Corporate Cubeworld comes down likerepparttar 134991 Berlin Wall. In order to attract workers, companies find that they must go Cubeless.

Do I seem idealistic to you? Do you think that my vision is impossible?

I know that it is possible because I have coached hundreds of people out ofrepparttar 134992 Cubeworld and into lives that are fun and that work for them.

The real key is not to trade one boss for another boss. Stop trading your time for dollars. Stop being a wage slave.

All Corporate Cubejobs are earned income jobs. You trade your time for dollars. If you stop trading your time,repparttar 134993 dollars stop coming. This is a huge problem if you decide to have a baby, or you get sick, you want to take an extended vacation, or are ready to retire, etc.

Often people go from a salaried earned income situation to a self-employed earned income situation and not a whole lot changes. Maybe they work from home. Maybe they now answer to clients instead of a direct boss. Maybe they work less. Maybe they work more.

But oftenrepparttar 134994 self-employed need to work ONrepparttar 134995 business and INrepparttar 134996 business. Many people find themselves working MORE to makerepparttar 134997 same money or working less and making a lot less money. Andrepparttar 134998 self-employed often think about work 24/7 even if they arenít working 24/7. As a self-employed person, you become responsible for marketing, sales, bookkeeping, operations, and fulfillment.

So, how do you build a company and life that works? I believe thatrepparttar 134999 best situation is one in which you pursue your passion as directed by your heart and that you build a business that offers multiple streams of passive income in addition to your earned income.

Passive (or residual income) is income that you collect from your indirect or past action. For example, I can coach a person onrepparttar 135000 phone and charge them $150 per hour and trade my time for dollars. This is earned income. I can also offer a tele-class and charge $49 for each participant (earned). But I can also recordrepparttar 135001 class and continue to offerrepparttar 135002 recording to others (passive).

There are so many exciting ways to combine earned and passive income. It requires imagination, courage and planning.

Are you ready to Fire Your Boss and start creating work that you love, that gives you energy, and that feeds your soul? Are you ready to secure your retirement by creating passive revenue streams in addition to your earned income streams? Are you ready to evaluate work, relationships, and opportunities byrepparttar 135003 amount of joy they give you?

©Debra Thorsen. Debra can help you achieve success, happiness, and wealth outside of the corporate world. Debra is a certified coach of the Newfield Network, has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, and a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Debra has been guiding people out of the corporate world to find their bliss for over 8 years. Join the Fire Your Boss 12-week coaching program at

A Cover Letter Tip Guaranteed To Land You More Job Interviews!

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

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Userepparttar P.S. to clearly and directly ASK forrepparttar 134924 job interview providing your contact number as well.

This is a fresh way to appeal to employers and can tiprepparttar 134925 balance in your favor towards landingrepparttar 134926 all-important job interview. The P.S. lets a busy Hiring Manager cut right torepparttar 134927 chase by reading this one special sentence. A job-seeker who uses a P.S. in his or her cover letter is utilizing one ofrepparttar 134928 strongest marketing strategies known to man.

This cover letter tip can berepparttar 134929 difference-maker in your job search. Remember, it all starts with getting your foot inrepparttar 134930 company door and a well crafted P.S. will get noticed and read above all other sentences. So make sure yours packs an interview-landing punch!

P.S. - Your job search is all about results. Try this one cool, cover letter strategy for yourself and see how many job interviews you land!

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