Fire Walkers # 1

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Pearce's theory of fire-immunity as a product of a state of temporary reality invoked by a magician explains whyrepparttar fire-walk has so shocked and offended those who depend on usingrepparttar 146067 reality they have grown accustomed to as a bulwark againstrepparttar 146068 apparition which Freud {Whose student Jung, said Freud was unable to contemplaterepparttar 146069 metaphysical real world due to his fears and insecurities.} called 'the black tide of occult mud'. In recent years, however, fire-walking has been used inrepparttar 146070 West as a motivational tool inrepparttar 146071 more extreme types of leadership training as well as in courses for personal growth and development. The successful fire-walker achieves a 'natural high' throughrepparttar 146072 conquest of his or her rational fear, a triumph of 'mind over matter' that sets them apart as a kind of shaman and enables them to believe that they are capable of achieving anything." (11)

The de-materialization entry has some application in another approach to 'possibility-thinking' for what might be going on here. In bi-location a body may de-materialize and send itself throughrepparttar 146073 cosmos to another place like teleportation. Thus appearing to be in two places almost simultaneously. OK! If you have a better explanation for actual occurrences, I'm listening! Let us give yourepparttar 146074 experience of Joseph Campbell of a trip to Japan, first; and then all of us can 'think' about what is really going on. The key thing in this story that adds torepparttar 146075 Brigham or other experiences isrepparttar 146076 'healing use' ofrepparttar 146077 energy inrepparttar 146078 fire.

"On May 21,repparttar 146079 Buddhist saint Shinren's birthday,repparttar 146080 streets ofrepparttar 146081 neighborhood were hung with colorful streamers and lanterns. Airplanes flew overhead strewing paper lotus petals, and enormous crowds surged everywhere inrepparttar 146082 streets of Kyoto. Campbell and his companions watched a few minutes ofrepparttar 146083 Noh-play taking place onrepparttar 146084 Nishi Honganji temple grounds, and then were whisked rather urgently away torepparttar 146085 ninth-century Fu-do Myo-o-in temple. As they arrived, so did an important-looking Shinto priest in full regalia, and then a small group of Buddhist monks. 'One cannot tell whererepparttar 146086 Buddhism ends andrepparttar 146087 Shinto begins,' wrote Campbell.

They were early and were given seats inrepparttar 146088 front row facingrepparttar 146089 altar. Butrepparttar 146090 ceremony due shortly to unfold would be conducted by neither traditional Buddhist nor Shinto priests, but officiants more akin to shamans:repparttar 146091 Yamabushi,repparttar 146092 independent mountain-dwelling ascetics of Japan.

'There was a large, square, roped-off area before us, with a big, square pyre inrepparttar 146093 middle, covered with evergreen boughs. Beyond that was an altar,repparttar 146094 length of one side ofrepparttar 146095 area, set with offerings: cakes, oranges, etc., all neatly stacked. At each comer ofrepparttar 146096 area was a large wooden tub of water with a long-handled scoop--to be used onrepparttar 146097 fire. And inrepparttar 146098 comer at our right was a large bell-gong set on a table. At about 4:30 p.m.repparttar 146099 Yamabushi arrived - in their fantastic costumes. They had been on a procession through certain parts ofrepparttar 146100 town. (Biblio and notes bring us important historical insight: 'This curious order of monk-magicians,' Campbell wrote in his journal, 'is said to have appeared inrepparttar 146101 8th century, as a protest againstrepparttar 146102 governmental control ofrepparttar 146103 Buddhist religion comparable in a way, I should say, torepparttar 146104 hermit movement in Christendom afterrepparttar 146105 moment of Constantine. Refusingrepparttar 146106 usual ordinations byrepparttar 146107 government, they retired torepparttar 146108 mountains and lived as holy hermits, and likerepparttar 146109 friars of later Europe, were responsible for spreadingrepparttar 146110 religion amongrepparttar 146111 common people. Buddhism in Japan before their time had been largely an aristocratic affair. Moreover, they were strongly influenced byrepparttar 146112 7th century Tantric lore and principles.')

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Stre-e-e-etch Your Imagination

Written by Rosella Aranda

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out. Again, you do not need to “see” every single detail. The idea is simply to get your imagination to come out and play. You want it to break free of its well-worn, literal rut, and more importantly, you want to get comfortable seeing things that are not yet in your physical world. Let’s do one more… Exercise 3 – Mental Aroma Therapy Our sense of smell is by farrepparttar strongest sense that we have. A single aroma is enough to unleash a flood of vivid memories. Also, olfactory sensations arerepparttar 145995 first ones to reachrepparttar 145996 brain. So not only does smell provide a powerful link to our recall. It can also serve to stimulate and excite our imagination. This exercise consists of simply “recalling” certain odors that are most pleasant to you. What aromas make you feel calm? Smell them now. What scents make you feel powerful? Train yourself to mentally whiff that scent when you’re feeling small. Think of smells that make you feel confident, free, intelligent, rich, kind, playful, or anything else that occurs to you. As you go through different odors that cause you to experience these pleasurable sensations, take note of what pictures each aroma conjures up for you. What aspect of these mental scenes pleases you most? (This is a great way to engage your mind during lost, odd moments.)

These pictures and odors should be remembered and incorporated into visualizing your goals. The point of these exercises is to get your logical mind to loosen up, to release its choke hold on your creative spirit. Why is this so important? Becauserepparttar 145997 fastest, most efficient way to achieve any goal is to SEE it in our mind's eye. We are to act, feel and give heartfelt thanks as if it were already a done deal. Some authors call this "Thinking fromrepparttar 145998 end." Giving our imaginations a workout will help us accomplish this. "Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." Albert Einstein

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