FireWire is your friend

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Whenever you need to transmit data from one external peripheral to another or between audio or video devices,repparttar FireWire would allow you to achieverepparttar 138481 task quickly and without loosing quality. This way, if you need to transmit a high amount of digital data from one device to another you could easily achieve it by using this standard device.

If, for example, you wished to transfer video from a camcorder to a PC, you would probably need to count withrepparttar 138482 help of a FireWire. This device would allow you to transfer such digital data in a high quality. This way, a FireWire is a great help and a good friend to anyone who needs to transmit data between devices.

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Do You Feel Used by Computers?

Written by Lee Walder

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At worst,repparttar used computers, as sold on to you, have minor blemishes, scratches, dents or wear. This is always just cosmetic and does not affect eitherrepparttar 138480 performance or value ofrepparttar 138481 computers in any way. What you receive is a fully-working computer,repparttar 138482 same working condition as new, but at a price well below that of new. You can often pick up recent high-specification models second-hand and save hundreds of pounds. Of course there are lots of bargains to be had whatever model or type you decide to purchase but note you will sometimes find it difficult to get anything as stock can go very quickly some weeks.

2. Unused Computers

The other main categories of computers arerepparttar 138483 overstock, surplus, liquidated, superceded, discontinued, open box or end-of-line stock. These are all basicallyrepparttar 138484 same in that they are all UNUSED computers. So these are not what you would really classify as second-hand, ie they have not personally been owned and used by any business, college, individual etc. They will often be in their original packaging.

The reasons why these computers come on torepparttar 138485 market are because:

- a manufacturer has brought out new models and wants to get rid ofrepparttar 138486 'old' superceded stock in his warehouse

- a store wants to raise some urgently needed cash and sell his unsold stock

- a factory or store becomes bankrupt andrepparttar 138487 computer stock is sold

In most of these cases,repparttar 138488 stock gets sold to specialist dealers who buy in bulk and who then sell it on torepparttar 138489 public, businesses etc. They then either provide a new warranty themselves forrepparttar 138490 equipment, or ensure there is a full warranty fromrepparttar 138491 original manufacturer. You'll often find Toshiba, HP, Compaq and other brand name computers offered with a 12-month warranty fromrepparttar 138492 original manufacturer. Note that sometimes suppliers refer to open box as meaning refurbished - they will usually state inrepparttar 138493 description what they mean.

So that's it. Two main categories of computers, quite different from each other but both offering great deals on branded equipment. Either way you will save money and still get a peace-of-mind guarantee on your computer purchase.

One last point. Make sure you check what you are getting for your money. Sometimesrepparttar 138494 computer may come without Windows installed or without a monitor. Don't assume - check. This will ensure you are happy with your savings AND your purchase.

The author is an experienced computer user, having worked in IT management for a number of years. Now heavily involved in the purchase, use and distribution of thousands of computers at

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