Finnish Cottage Tradition

Written by S. Nicole Thomas

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Inside walls were often chinked with clay or cloth. Most floors were simply beaten earth, although some cabins had floors of puncheons--logs split lengthwise and laid close together withrepparttar flat sides up. A family often built a sleeping loft ifrepparttar 110078 roof were high enough. The loft could be reached by pegs pounded intorepparttar 110079 walls or by a ladder built from tree limbs. The loft also was used to store foodstuffs.

Log cabins were never meant to be permanent, but many log houses were. The difference betweenrepparttar 110080 two was primarily one of size and attention to detail. Most pioneers preferred "flat" walls to rounded log walls, and so most used hewn logs for building. These not only maderepparttar 110081 houses look (from a distance) more "real," but also withstoodrepparttar 110082 elements much better, sincerepparttar 110083 bark andrepparttar 110084 decay-prone outside wood were removed fromrepparttar 110085 logs. When milled lumber became available either from a local sawmill or by railroad transport, most people chose it for their homes.

It seemed that asrepparttar 110086 frontier disappeared, so wouldrepparttar 110087 log cabin. However, at aboutrepparttar 110088 same timerepparttar 110089 Finnish homesteaders were, of necessity, building their first homes of logs, Easterners were rediscoveringrepparttar 110090 log structure. William A. Durant, land developer and president ofrepparttar 110091 Adirondack Railroad, pushedrepparttar 110092 idea of Great Camps inrepparttar 110093 Adirondacks. These camps were enclaves whererepparttar 110094 very wealthy could escaperepparttar 110095 summer heat ofrepparttar 110096 cities and retreat torepparttar 110097 "simple life" of log-cabin living inrepparttar 110098 country. Such "cabins" were hardly simple. Designed by architects, they were huge structures with many rooms and fireplaces and porches. But their log exteriors recalledrepparttar 110099 "good old days". National park structures also fueledrepparttar 110100 revival of log cabin living. Many park lodges were made of logs so they would fit their surroundings. The Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park is a prime example. Built in 1904,repparttar 110101 inn has an eight-story lobby some 185 feet high. There are 140 guest rooms and three sets of balconies.

Another factor that keptrepparttar 110102 tradition of log building alive wasrepparttar 110103 Great Depression ofrepparttar 110104 1930s. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked withrepparttar 110105 National Park Service andrepparttar 110106 U.S. Forest Service to build thousands of log structures throughoutrepparttar 110107 national forests and parks. Had it not been for theserepparttar 110108 log cabin might have disappeared, but because people sawrepparttar 110109 log structures and liked what they saw, many began to build modern log cabins and log houses. These homes seemed to represent all that a family could want: a sturdy shelter fromrepparttar 110110 elements and a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. The log cabin remains a popular building style.

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Tsunami the next big wave:the grandaddy of them all

Written by Roseanne van Langenberg

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.. andrepparttar precise location ... right oppositerepparttar 110077 city of Padang in Indonesia ... inhabitants: 1 million people!
Repeat: All he cannot pinpoint is when ... this disaster could be in months,repparttar 110078 next decade or in twenty years!
The city of Padang is base for Australian surfers who go there to surfrepparttar 110079 waves ofrepparttar 110080 Menwawais ... where some ofrepparttar 110081 best surfing breaks inrepparttar 110082 world may be found .. as an Australian citizen this alarms me greatly.
Geographically,repparttar 110083 city of Padang would have difficulty dealing with a high tide,repparttar 110084 devastation caused byrepparttar 110085 grandaddy of Tsunamis is incomprehensible.
Imagine a mere 15 minute warning beforerepparttar 110086 earthquake ..
... and thenrepparttar 110087 waters ofrepparttar 110088 giant Tsunami gushing downrepparttar 110089 streets of Padang, just like it did in Banda Acheh washing everything away in its stride ..
... a moving torrent of cars, oil, broken trees and precious human life!

My call to all my fellow Marketers,repparttar 110090 Search Engine Optimization community, Retail colleagues and anyone who reads this post: do everything in your power to reach your readers in Indonesia, particularlyrepparttar 110091 city of Padang .. they need to take heed and make adequate provision to stoprepparttar 110092 pointless human slaughter this time around.
Whether this be inrepparttar 110093 form of lobbying your local Government bodies, or through local press release, we have to help this time beforerepparttar 110094 devastation of this giant wave,repparttar 110095 grandaddy of Tsunami's .. takes away more precious human life ..
.. but above all do this in a responsible manner .. causing wide spread panic amongst unworldly village inhabitants or your worldwide audience will not help.
Melbourne's Channel 9 hasrepparttar 110096 whole story including a video ofrepparttar 110097 interview available at their site . The video version is half-way downrepparttar 110098 page. Due torepparttar 110099 ever changing nature of News, I cannot guarantee how long this link will be up.
Whilst this news is hardly topical for an internet marketing and search engine optimization Blog, as a parentrepparttar 110100 irreversible damage to our environment has me greatly concerned ... please do whatever you can to stop this alarming trend.
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