Finding weakness in the competitor strength.

Written by Arvind kumar

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Thenrepparttar last nail inrepparttar 150198 coffin with Pepsi generation. Coca-cola was 100 years old brand people use to recognize them with coke brand older people were keener to drink coke. A younger person always has a tendency to rebel against old way doing things and living. Pepsi turned onrepparttar 150199 heat with Pepsi generation. In 1964,repparttar 150200 idea found wings with a classic, “Come alive, you are inrepparttar 150201 Pepsi generation.”

Pepsi new strategy was to position not itself butrepparttar 150202 competition, “out of step, out of touch, and out of date.”

Along with that this approach targetrepparttar 150203 youth whose natural tendency was rivalry with old generation. Pepsi also use music, which was traditional weapon of teenager to show their rebellion approach. Younger generation started to attach themselves with Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. Result was a reduced coke leadership from 2.5 to 1 to 1.25 to 1 and eventually under able leadership of John Shcoulley Pepsi toppled coke from its leadership.

Think again what was coke strength…….actually?

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