Finding Your Niche on the Internet

Written by Angela Wu

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As you do your research, try to assessrepparttar demand (ie. how many people are looking for that type of product) in relation torepparttar 117305 supply (ie. how many businesses providerepparttar 117306 product and how well they do at meetingrepparttar 117307 demand). Ideally, a great niche market would be one for which there is high demand but not (yet) enough supply.

There is alwaysrepparttar 117308 possibility that there's no real demand forrepparttar 117309 product, which is why no one has bothered to create it. Most people would prefer to find this out before they invested a great deal of time, effort and money into creating a product no one wants!

Even if you don't create your own product but instead decide to promote affiliate programs, a great deal of work still goes intorepparttar 117310 promotion of your affiliate link.

One way to research a new idea is to runrepparttar 117311 key phrases that represent your business throughrepparttar 117312 NicheFinder software ( ). This software will automatically produce several informative and eye-opening reports and charts to help you assessrepparttar 117313 potential of your idea.

Some people start businesses related to their current line of work because they already have many ofrepparttar 117314 skills and repparttar 117315 experience they need. Others build their business around specific interests or hobbies. Regardless of what you do, be sure it's something you *want* to do -- don't choose a niche solely because "other people are doing it" or because you think "you can make lots of money". Do what you love, and *enjoy*repparttar 117316 journey to building a profitable business.


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Five Ways To Boost Your Initiative FAST!

Written by Angela Booth

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When you want to do something like send a proposal, just figure out how you wantrepparttar other party to respond, and then work out how you might get that response. Then DO something. Once you've done something, you'll get feedback, and you can go on from there.

=> Tactic Two: Keep learning

Learn something new every year. Take courses. The Internet has made this easy --- you can learn fromrepparttar 117304 comfort of your office chair. Takerepparttar 117305 time to learn how professionals dorepparttar 117306 things that you're puzzling about.

For example, on Digital-e we've got several email courses that have been well received:

We've even got FREE courses.

Many, many other sites have courses which will help you alongrepparttar 117307 road to success. Every course you take will give you insights and knowledge. If you're serious about living your life well and achieving success, you must keep learning.

Do you read? All successful people read constantly. Reading's a painless way to learn. Anyone, no matter how busy they are, has time to read.

=> Tactic Three: Get creative. Make lists of things to TRY then WORKrepparttar 117308 list

Ask yourself questions, like: "How might I do this?"

Then make a list of things you could try. Strive for creativity.

I love this story in Inc about an ice-cream seller who hires based on how creative potential staffers can get with a white paper bag: 11375.html

(You may need to paste this long URL into your browser.)

Keep listing until you have at least 20 things you could try. Then use your intuition to pick one item from your list and do it.

=> Tactic Four: Rely on feedback

When you work your list, you will get feedback. (You canít get feedback unless you do something.) Feedback is merely guidance. It will show you which areas are productive, and which are not.

=> Tactic Five: He/ she who hesitates gets run over by a truck -- - ASK

This is another way of saying "work your list". Ask people who can directly help you. If you want to sell something to a company based on a proposal, callrepparttar 117309 company and say: "I'd like to send you a proposal to do X. What should I include inrepparttar 117310 proposal?"

Or perhaps you want to sell images to an image library. Call an image library. Pick uprepparttar 117311 phone and tellrepparttar 117312 person onrepparttar 117313 other end what you want to do. That person will pass you on to another person. And maybe another. But you'll find out how you do it. Then, just do it.

If you're a writer, and you want to write a children's book, pick uprepparttar 117314 phone and callrepparttar 117315 publisher of a book you enjoyed reading. You may get voice mail. If so, leave a message. If you donít get a response within a week or two (people are always busy, so donít take it personally) send a email message, or a letter or a fax. Persist.

Tryrepparttar 117316 above five tactics. If you try even ONE of them, I promise you that your life will change.

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