Finding Your Ideal Career (or Business)

Written by Maria Marsala

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Create a list of every career you've ever thought you might enjoy since you were 5 years old. (Ages 6-10 are extremely important!)

Now go back to all your lists and cross off every task that drove you crazy, or that you couldn't stand doing, or that you promised yourself you'd never do again! Ask yourself, "is this something that I would enjoy doing for 8 hours"?

Take a look at what you are left with and look forrepparttar patterns. For example: Did you enjoy teaching in each paying and volunteer position you've held? Does organizing or working with numbers or working with your hands come up in your descriptions time and time again? Does a clear picture of your ideal career or business shine through?

If your ideal career isn't evident yet, try these resources: ~~ Visitrepparttar 131455 Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook at ~~ Ask people, what careers someone would have if they were doing __________ (the things you enjoy doing)? ~~ Consider haverepparttar 131456 perfect life while you are enjoying working. What would you be doing? OR you won a million dollars andrepparttar 131457 only stipulation in receiving it is that you'd have to continue working. What would you be working at?

Now, go find your ideal career (or business)! Or create something wonderful and new!! Take some classes if need be... and above all, SMILE...

With special thanks torepparttar 131458 John Crystal Institute (NYC), Richard Boles, andrepparttar 131459 many other authors who wrote books I've read or studied overrepparttar 131460 years. Also thank you to everyone who was unable to create their resume, and instead asked me to design it for them.

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Living Through Loss

Written by Margot B

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a friend or relative.Itís a good idea to keep a journal of oneís thoughts and feelings, or write letters torepparttar one who has died, or write a story of your memories, or write poetry. Grief can be expressed through painting or sculpture, or by participating in whatever you are proficient in doing. Perhaps sewing or woodworking--perhaps starting a project that will help others. Spend time outdoors in a park or atrepparttar 131454 seashore. Being in touch with nature can be both healing and restorative.Itís important to retain our friendships because feelings of alienation and abandonment are part ofrepparttar 131455 grieving process. The best method of fighting these feelings is to look for others to console. The person who has gone throughrepparttar 131456 loss of a loved one is uniquely qualified and best able to understand others going throughrepparttar 131457 same pain. Spending time with people who have undergone a similar loss can be very therapeutic. You discover how natural your emotions are that you go through duringrepparttar 131458 grieving process. You can receive moral support and learn fromrepparttar 131459 experiences andrepparttar 131460 ideas of others. Support groups are not for everyone but many people swear by them. Taking care of your health is an important part of getting through your loss. Some physical problems, such as insomnia, loss of appetite, muscle tenseness, are to be expected. Avoid becoming overly tired, get enough rest and sleep, eat nutritious meals, find support, hope and comfort from something you have faith in or are interested in, and life will be better. Avoid making major decisions and changes in your life, as routine and familiarity with your surroundings give you a feeling of stability and permanence when you feel in chaos. The scriptures state; A time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance. The time of weeping and mourning will be over. When we are able to form new relationships, perhaps love again, we are onrepparttar 131461 road to recovery. You can pick uprepparttar 131462 pieces and go on,repparttar 131463 wound heals butrepparttar 131464 scar remains.

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