Finding Profitable Keyword Phrases

Written by Michael Lawrence

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It's not that useful to be ranked #1 for a keyword that only gets 5 searches a month. Similiarly, it is very hard to achieve high rankings for high traffic keyphrases because there is going to be a lot of competition.

Trim your keyword phrase list down to 50-100 entries and get ready for step 3.

3. Analyzerepparttar Competitor's Backlinks

While I will walk you through how to do all ofrepparttar 150998 required analysis tasks using free tools I highly recommend investment in some form of SEO software or service. The tasks you will have to perform today can be time consuming and a little monotonous sorepparttar 150999 help of an outside resource may prove invaluable to you.

The purpose of this analysis is to find potential link partners (to be used in a later lesson), and to trim our "master keyword list" down to our 15-20 keywords that we want to get high rankings for.

Take each ofrepparttar 151000 50-100 keyphrases in your master keyword list and perform a search on for each term.

We are only going to be interested inrepparttar 151001 "top 10" results for each keyword phrase since our goal is to get listed onrepparttar 151002 first page of results for our target keywords.

Traffic to your site will drop dramatically if your listing does not appear onrepparttar 151003 first page of search engine results.

Our goal from this analysis is to find out how "established" your competition is. This can be accomplished by analyzingrepparttar 151004 number of websites that link to your competitor's website.

To findrepparttar 151005 number of incoming links for any website performrepparttar 151006 following search from (Please note I have chosen Yahoo because Google no longer reports accurate back link results).

Note: you could use for a more comprehensive listing which includes results from all major search engines.

This will tell you how many websites link torepparttar 151007 domain "". Search engine's use this "link popularity" number to gauge how important a website is. A site with a lot of links to it must be an information hub and therefore very important.

Perform this linkdomain command for all ofrepparttar 151008 "top 10" competitors you have identified for each your chosen keyword phrases in your master keyword list.

If you find thatrepparttar 151009 sites inrepparttar 151010 search results have several 1000 backlinks to them you will know right away that you are going to have a hard time getting a high ranking for that keyword since a large number of links suggests thatrepparttar 151011 site is already well established.

Make 10 columns in your master keyword list for each keyword that you analyze indicating whatrepparttar 151012 number of backlinks are for each ofrepparttar 151013 top 10 search results.

Also copy any URL's that offer services that would be complimentary (not a competitor) for what you will be promoting on your website into your keyword list as well.

We will use this information in a future lesson to help boost your seach engine positioning by requesting to trade links with these complimentary sites.

Simply noting them down in your keyword list will be sufficient for our purposes today.

4. Refine Your Keyword List Part 2

Based on your backlink analysis trim your keyword list down to 15-20 keywords you think you will be able to compete for. If there are already a number of established "hubs" for a particular keyword you may have to drop it from your list.

Using these tips you should now be able to tell which market's you will be able to compete in and which one's already have too many established information hubs to make it worth your while. You will also have a list of "complimentary" websites that we will be requesting links from in a future lesson to help boost our own "link popularity".


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SEO for beginners

Written by Lee Rixon

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What Search Engine Optimization does is make your web site more appetizing torepparttar search engines, and make your site more important to them.

How is it done? That is a long subject that is addressed briefly inrepparttar 150965 other articles:

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  • Can you SEO your own site? Yes of course you can. Follow those articles and I’ll guarantee your rankings will improve, but my recommendation is to leave it to an expert. Doing it yourself is like trying to build a deck armed only with a screwdriver and a knife. You can get there, but its going to be a frustrating experience.

    An SEO expert can save you an immense amount of time, trial and error and frustration, as they haverepparttar 150966 right tools forrepparttar 150967 job.

    Oh, one more piece of advice. If you see an organization promising to get you a top ten listing for $10 a month……RUN! It can’t be done ethically for that amount of money, andrepparttar 150968 search engines are just as likely to ban your site as to list it highly - you have been warned!!

    Lee is one of the principals at Spinnaker Systems which provides Web related services to the small business owner. Lee can be contacted at and is a regular contributor to the Spinnaker Blog

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