Finding Inspiration to Realise Your Dreams and Ambitions

Written by Pamela Heywood

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OK, they seem to think that us "normal folk" cant do this. You don't want to listen, but you hear them and some fears start creeping into your mind. What if they are right? Yeah, so what? Accept that YES, they could be, but don't let them project their fears onto you. That's them. They probably aren't prepared to put inrepparttar work, whereas, if you are reading this, we can presume you are -- and that's halfrepparttar 124073 battle licked already.

Failure or learning? It's a question of attitude

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed byrepparttar 124074 things you didn't do than byrepparttar 124075 ones you did do. So throw offrepparttar 124076 bowlines. Sail away fromrepparttar 124077 safe harbor. Catchrepparttar 124078 trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain

Focus merely on doing what's right for you, now, (even if you sufferrepparttar 124079 consequences) for only you can regret not trying something if you choose and allow others to influence you to hesitate.

If at first you don't succeed ...

You will read statistics (and actually, they are not lies) that state only 5% of people will succeed. Almost none of them will do it onrepparttar 124080 first attempt. And this is whererepparttar 124081 95% -- thatrepparttar 124082 doubting Thomases above hold as being normal -- simply give up.

It's not because IT doesn't work, it's not because they couldn't have done it. They just didn't have that one elusive secret, quality or knowledge thatrepparttar 124083 5% do realise they have.

So what'srepparttar 124084 mystical secret thatrepparttar 124085 5% have?

Absolutely nothing more thanrepparttar 124086 fact that they do not give up and they know they shouldn't. If their first ideas don't work, they learn why and go on to try something better. Again and again. They keep learning and they keep trying, for which they require inspiration, motivation and a large measure of tenacity. In my dictionary, failure is merely a sinister word that other people give to a natural learning-by-doing process. It ain't a big deal, it's no more than a knee-scrape inrepparttar 124087 scheme of things. Get back on that bike!

I've tried many things that didn't work for me, but I don't think I have failed, ever.

In fact, I have learned and I am still learning, butrepparttar 124088 two most important things so far are:

=> Finally, I am seeing results --repparttar 124089 ones that matter to me currently, ones that payrepparttar 124090 bills => I am enjoying what I do at last instead of being an opressed wage-slave.

The motivation thus becomes self-fuelling. I am realising a dream.

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First Impressions Ė turn fear into courage

Written by Peter Murphy

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Finally, visualize that person smiling as they recognize you and make sure to go overboard withrepparttar imagined picture in your mind as well. Makerepparttar 124072 picture twice as big as life size, make it 3D, in rich color and very bright and up close in your mindís eye.

All this takes just a few seconds when you get good at it, at first you may find it tricky, practice it with people you see about town and youíll soon find yourself greeting more people.

I also use this technique when Iím waiting in line atrepparttar 124073 bank, in a store etc. That way you get an opportunity to be friendlier with whoever is serving you and withrepparttar 124074 other people waiting in line.

In a short time you will find it easier and easier to start conversations with people you would not have dared to approach inrepparttar 124075 past. Do this day after day andrepparttar 124076 cumulative effect on your business will be staggering.

Keys to success:

1 Practice this skill daily until it becomes second nature to you.

2 Teach your staff how to approach people as well, by teaching this skill you will become even better yourself.

3 Remind yourself ofrepparttar 124077 negative implications of not making a great first impression andrepparttar 124078 long-term effect on your business.

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