Finding Fun Date Ideas

Written by Alan Detwiler

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Keep a list of possible activities. Have a place to keep information such as brochures, maps, and visitors' guides. Set up folders in your computer for storing information you have found online. Use Notepad to copy and paste just what is of interest to you. The File menu of most web browsers has a Save As command that can be used to save an entire web page.

Be open to any suggestions and preferences your partner has to offer. Try to be sensitive to his/her tastes and interests. Give almost as much importance to his/her enjoyment ofrepparttar date as your own enjoyment. After all, you probably won't enjoyrepparttar 125378 date if your partner doesn't.

Try to choose activities that give enough opportunities for communication. Conversation and comments you and your date make to each other are oftenrepparttar 125379 most important part ofrepparttar 125380 date. Couples need to find out each other's values and interests. Couples need reassurance andrepparttar 125381 stimulation of each other's ideas. Pursue your own interests. Being passionate about something makes you more interesting. Revive an old dream lurking in your memory. Or pursue a recent fantasy. What you do and where you go on a date is not so critical ifrepparttar 125382 person you are spending time with is interesting and caring. Finally, stay informed to stay interesting. Keep up with current events and issues. Listen torepparttar 125383 news and news commentary programs. One good source I like isrepparttar 125384 web sites of National Public Radio.

Alan Detwiler is the author of the ebook Date Ideas: Fun Things To Do For Couples available at He has a web site with a section about fun things to do for couples at Date Ideas.

Defining Your Goals

Written by Scott Hansgen

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After you have defined your goals and made sure they are realistic, you can then start looking at what things you need to do to reach each goal. Breakrepparttar goal down into easy to accomplish "steps". By working toward your goals with steps, you can accomplish something every day that will move you closer to your goal without it seeming so overwhelming. Before you know it, you will be staring your goal straight inrepparttar 125377 face!

Keep in mind that when we fail to reach a particular goal, we must first understand why we failed. It may very well have been something out of our immediate control that causedrepparttar 125378 failure. We also need to remember that even in failure we have succeeded. We succeeded in learning. Learning what NOT to do is just as important than learning what TO do. It reminds me of mixing. When you need a little more high end it's always better to drop some ofrepparttar 125379 low end rather than boostrepparttar 125380 high end. It's a negative move that brings a positive result. Always be willing to learn fromrepparttar 125381 process. Remember....without failure there is NO success!!

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