Finding A Free Host - Part 1: Requirements for your host

Written by Elan Bechor

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Scripting Languages Supported

Whether a webmaster is a programmer, or just someone who wants interactivity with their visitors, factoring in what programming languages a website supports may be important. All free web hosts allow HTML, images, and JavaScript. But to get features such as a message board, polls, and chatrooms, you have to have more powerful languages such as PHP, CGI/Perl, and ASP. The list of free web hosts that support some or all of these languages is very small. Hosts that allow this are prone to getting abused, and usually shut down quickly if they don’t take precautions to avoid abuse. If it isn’t absolutely necessary, do not make this a requirement in finding your host.

Various Other Features

Other things you may need to think about include length of your URL, and what type of uploading you have.

If you have a business site that you want to be easily remembered, might not be a good web host. Length is an obvious factor, as it is hard to remember a long URL. Another problem might berepparttar domain hosting you. If you are a business or a professional site, do you really want to haverepparttar 134433 words “FREEHOSTING” or “ALL4FREE” in your URL? Think about this when finding your host. Redirection services may seem like a good solution, but often to pay for this service, they too must have pop-ups or banner frames.

The method of uploading is important too. If you are comfortable with FTP programs, you may want to require your host to have an FTP account provided to you. This might not berepparttar 134434 best tool if you aren’t very technical and have to update your pages a lot. Try looking for an “Online File Manager” as a feature.


I hope this article helped you figure out what features you need to look for when deciding on a free host. Next article in this series will tell you how to actually findrepparttar 134435 host.

Elan Bechor

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The Bottom Of The Food Chain

Written by Richard Lowe

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In a more sane model,repparttar webmaster directly pays for his site. If a complaint is made,repparttar 134432 company will generally be much slower onrepparttar 134433 trigger, and much more likely to listen torepparttar 134434 webmasters than inrepparttar 134435 advertising based model.

As advertisers have become more savvy torepparttar 134436 fact that promotion onrepparttar 134437 internet is not nearly as cut-and-dry or simple as expected, they are spending their money more carefully. This has resulted in far less income forrepparttar 134438 internet companies (resulting in many business failures), and it can be quite entertaining to see how desperaterepparttar 134439 survivors are becoming.

Egroups moved their ads fromrepparttar 134440 bottom of their emails torepparttar 134441 top, and changed them from text links to graphics banners. Users ofrepparttar 134442 service hate this change almost without exception, but advertisers want their banners seen, andrepparttar 134443 top is better suited for that purpose. It's completely irrelevant whatrepparttar 134444 users think (unless, of course, they defected in mass, which they have not done).

In addition, egroups subscribers were recently shocked to learn that they will now, by default, receive numerous spam emails in exchange for usingrepparttar 134445 service. There is now a new screen which lists all ofrepparttar 134446 different categories for this spam along with a yes/no option to allow it to be stopped. The default for everyone is YES, because Yahoo knows that most people will not bother to change it.

This naturally puts more advertisements in front of more people.

Onrepparttar 134447 other hand, Yahoo has obviously concluded thatrepparttar 134448 advertising model does not work well for it's GeoCities product. If you have a web site you are only allowed a tiny amount of bandwidth beforerepparttar 134449 site is shut off forrepparttar 134450 rest ofrepparttar 134451 month. This means far fewer ads are shown. The purpose is to getrepparttar 134452 webmasters to pay for their web sites (which would be a poor decision onrepparttar 134453 part of most webmasters as their are many web hosts with far better service available at less cost).

So what isrepparttar 134454 answer forrepparttar 134455 consumer? Find services in which you arerepparttar 134456 direct customer. You will generally receive far better customer service, and you might be surprised to find out thatrepparttar 134457 cost is not as bad as you might have thought.

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