Findhorn and the Hand of Fate

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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The comment he makes about 'leaving no traces' is quite a propos when taken in historical perspectives of what has gone on throughout history. Marsha is an Aquarius and had fully explored her psychic attributes. At this juncture I only knew a little of how important this is to me and finding my purposeful 'fit' in relations with other people. It did not surprise me that she sawrepparttar 'little people'. In reality I would have doubted their existence if she had not seen them. There were other aspects of this one and only trip to Europe that made me aware that my relationship with Sherry had major difficulties. Calling Marsha had includedrepparttar 141973 thought that I would change my commitment to Sherry and marry Marsha, but I never discussed this with Marsha. When I talked with her I still found my love for Sherry was strong and my refusal or stubbornness Vis a Visrepparttar 141974 psychic or spiritual 'hand of fate' was something still rampant in my psyche. Sherry has always been able to relate to these things and has learned a great deal but there was always a gap or need for further proof that separated us. Perhaps it was a matter of ego and my need to berepparttar 141975 teacher that didn't exist inrepparttar 141976 relationship with Marsha. Maybe I am a martyr or masochist but I continued to put Sherry on a pedestal.

There was a never ending stream of psychic things happening in my life. It became ordinary and in some ways less important. It was just parlour games or tricks and traps if I wasn't going to really do something with it. That requires a great deal of courage though; people are frightened and threatened or they think you are bragging when you share these things. The resultant projections of these fears and supposed motivations upon me were not something I could easily deal with due torepparttar 141977 real joy and ego satisfaction they have always brought me.

Activist for social soulful ethics

The Hidden Philosophy of Abundance

Written by Carmellita Brown

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The governments ofrepparttar world make their money from our poor health, debt, and struggle to “just get by.” Liberation comes with knowledge.

Now, because ofrepparttar 141910 great demand inrepparttar 141911 desire to live abundantly, some Success

Philosophers and Psychologists have capitalized on this demand. Instead of providing teachings and trainings in Abundance, they now offer books, tapes, lectures, and workshops on .Behavioral Economics. While this subject has helped a few people who are in debt and earn about $100,000 annually, it is not inclusive of everyone. Behavioral

Economics are for people who have a substantial income but can’t seem to manage their money.

Abundance Training is much more empowering. It is about enrichingrepparttar 141912 whole-self.

You are not affected byrepparttar 141913 conditions ofrepparttar 141914 economy or limited because you don’t already earn a 6 figure salary. Your ability to increase your wealth, live in abundance, and have financial freedom is based on your understanding of Universal, Cosmic, and Spiritual Laws that governrepparttar 141915 “flow “of wealth, success, love, devotion, financial freedom, and optimal health. Abundance Training teaches you how to operate in divine flow of this energy.

Wealth, money, success, love, health it is all energy. Once you know how to operate inrepparttar 141916 flow of that energy, you haverepparttar 141917 ability turnrepparttar 141918 unmanifested intorepparttar 141919 manifested. You can access intelligence of substance as it works to bring our true desires to fruition.

Carmellita Brown is an Wellness and Success Coach. She is the instructor of the Online course “Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance" available at: and the online Course “Lose Weight While Becoming a Wellness Coach" available at

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