Find the Right New Year’s Resolution to Get into Your Best Shape Ever!

Written by Diana Keuilian

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Resolution #3: Walk or Jog inrepparttar morning. Did you know that going on a 15 minutes walk right after waking contributes to weight loss? Getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier, lacing up your tennis shoes, and simply walking aroundrepparttar 131342 block will lead to fat burn and lost pounds! When you get up and move first thing inrepparttar 131343 morning, before breakfast, your body is more likely to used stored fat as energy. Weight loss is supposed to be harder than this, right?

Resolution #4: Obeyrepparttar 131344 No Food Three Hours Before Bed Rule. Eating a snack after dinner is a widely held habit. Although food always seems to taste better right before bed, it is also more prone to stick with you when eaten late at night. It has been proven that not eating three hours before bed reduces fat storage throughoutrepparttar 131345 night. If you go to bed at 10pm, finish eating forrepparttar 131346 day no later than 7pm. Once you have made this a habit you will be ecstatic overrepparttar 131347 long-term weight loss!

Resolution #5: Spice up you Workouts with Circuit Training Are your workouts consisting ofrepparttar 131348 same exercises inrepparttar 131349 same order atrepparttar 131350 same weight? If you find yourself falling into a rut atrepparttar 131351 gym give circuit training a try. Start by doing one set of your first exercise and then moving on to do one set of your second exercise. After you have done every exercise once, start again fromrepparttar 131352 top! If you want to burn extra calories add 5 minutes on a bike between each set. Get creative and add new exercises into your circuits, and your workouts will be fun and energizing!

Now all you have to do is pick one of these New Year’s Resolutions, make it a part of your daily life, and watch asrepparttar 131353 pounds fall off in 2005!

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Fad Diets & Weight Loss

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A good diet should provide allrepparttar major nutrients including dietary fibers, carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, minerals, and vitamins. The best way to tackle overweight and obesity problem is to eat a balanced diet and do some physical exercise daily.

You should not start any diet if it does not allow any major group ofrepparttar 131340 food pyramid. The negative calorie diet is based on neagtive calorie foods that include vegetables, fruits, legumes, lentils, and beans, so it allows allrepparttar 131341 major nutrients inrepparttar 131342 diet necessary for good health. By eating these foods, you will never feel hungry and you will never gain weight. If you remain physically active and eat these foods, you will deop pounds permanently.

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