Find Adventure Around Every Bend Of Idaho’s Majestic Landscape

Written by Melody Schubert

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With Warren River Expeditions, Inc. we haverepparttar choice of 5, 6, and 10 day white water rafting trips on Idaho's Main Salmon and Middle Fork ofrepparttar 140040 Main Salmon rivers. It's said that both of these rivers are arguably two ofrepparttar 140041 finest white water experiences inrepparttar 140042 world. We found out there's nothing likerepparttar 140043 rush of heading downrepparttar 140044 river and finding ancient rock drawings aroundrepparttar 140045 bend. To imagine we traveled alongrepparttar 140046 same path as Lewis & Clark adds a special touch torepparttar 140047 experience.

In addition to Warren River Expeditions, Inc. standard river trips they also offer specialty trips like Seniors only lodge stay trips, family rafting trips, Intergenerational trips, fly fishing trips, kayak workshops, and popular women's only trips. The best part ofrepparttar 140048 trip isrepparttar 140049 "Great food, Great friends, and Great fun" we enjoyed with our fellow rafters. The guides also kept us entertained withrepparttar 140050 historical background ofrepparttar 140051 area, and pointed natural sites alongrepparttar 140052 way.

To plan you own white water rafting trip with Warren River Expeditions, Inc. visit Warren River Expeditions, Inc. can be reached at 1-800-765-0421, or by email at: Visit to discover more adventures acrossrepparttar 140053 nation.

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Holland America! There's nothing cruising-as-usual about it

Written by William Lezubski

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Now this is where Holland America really shines and spacious comfort isrepparttar theme refrained throughoutrepparttar 140024 fleet. On average staterooms are a generous 25% larger and there are more outside staterooms and Veranda Suites than on any other cruise line in its class. Staterooms on all HAL ships have two lower beds which may be converted to either one queen-size or one king-size dependent upon category (except ms Noordam - all staterooms have two lower beds except Cat. C and A, which have, queen and king beds respectively).

"The Suite Life"

Holland America suites are big on luxury and if you select this category of accommodation you'll enjoy a host of complimentary services and amenities that will forever spoil you for any other stateroom category.

For example, Veranda Suites include soft cotton robes, extra luxe towels, access to a no-host fully stocked mini-bar, VCR and access to a well-stocked video library plus personalized stationery.

Deluxe Veranda and Penthouse Veranda Suites have robes, complimentary laundry, pressing and dry cleaning. Complimentary in-suite high tea on silver service, complimentary in-suite pre-dinner hors d'oeuvres, fresh fruit, stocked mini-bar, special lounge for disembarkation and so much more, such as an exclusive Indonesian Rijstaffel luncheon hosted byrepparttar 140025 Captain and Hotel Manager. For suite guests on cruises 10 days and longer,repparttar 140026 Captain and Hotel Manager host not onlyrepparttar 140027 lunch, but a dinner as well, including pre-dinner cocktails.

The Entertainment

Highly charged! The lights dim,repparttar 140028 music begins and a sensational production or variety show begins. Holland America's dazzling shows have been created by a production team with more Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Oscar nominations than any other cruise line. And there you are, perfectly centered, champagne in hand. Anticipate nightclubs with great sound, cabaret presentations and lounges with every style of music - pop, disco, standards and classics. Cheer your favorite team inrepparttar 140029 sports bar, joinrepparttar 140030 slot machine tournament inrepparttar 140031 casino, and sway torepparttar 140032 saucy rhythms of calypso and reggae played byrepparttar 140033 guest folkloric troupes on board in select ports. How about a round of snowball jackpot bingo, play a game of backgammon, a hand of bridge, or popcorn at a recently released movie?

Holland America Fleet:

Spacious yet intimate floating resorts, whererepparttar 140034 most modern advances in guest amenities and nautical design are celebrated. Holland's impressive fleet boasts 13 classically elegant five-star ships, including three new sisters. The first of four-planned ultra-spacious Vista-Class vessels: The 82,000-ton ms Oosterdam, ms Zuiderdam, and ms Westerdam. Itineraries bring a kaleidoscope of colorful cultures and somehow, when viewed fromrepparttar 140035 deck of a Holland America ship,repparttar 140036 grand harbors and elegant Riviera of Europe seem more sophisticated,repparttar 140037 Caribbean appears sunnier, warmer, and Alaska shines brighter than Klondike gold.

The difference is inrepparttar 140038 details! Upon embarkation, a string ensemble plays; a white-gloved steward escorts you to your stateroom, musical chimes summon you to dinner. More spacious staterooms,repparttar 140039 rapt attention of award-winning Indonesian stewards, un-crowded public rooms, a profusion of flowers, rich museum quality art collections, a teak promenade deck encirclingrepparttar 140040 ship - all give you an expansive sense of comfort. You can expect a soul-soothing,attitude adjusting, simply marvelous experience, and there's nothing cruising-as-usual about it!

About the author: William Lezubski (Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC), and Certified Travel Counsellor(CTC) - William is a professional in the Travel Industry and the author of “Discount Caribbean Vacations Web Site” available at

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