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and sales templates for emails and letters. Also, sign up with one ofrepparttar best hosting and / or autoresponder providers.


Ten Commandments of Proper E-mailing

Written by Jane Deuber

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6. Be Pleasant! Nobody like to receive boring, curt or rude e-mails. Begin your e-mail by addressingrepparttar recipient in a friendly, positive manner. When a pleasant attitude is conveyed through your e-mail message you build rapport more quickly.

7. Always reply as quickly as possible - Develop a good impression by responding to business related e-mails. The more promptly you can write backrepparttar 117153 better. Start withrepparttar 117154 oldest e-mail first.

8. Avoid Over Punctuation - Don't get caught up in grammar and punctuation, especially excessive punctuation. You'll see lots of e-mail messages where people put a dozen exclamation points atrepparttar 117155 end of a sentence for added emphasis. If something is important it should be reflected in your text, not in your punctuation. Exclamation points (called "bangs" in computer circles) are just another form of ending a sentence.

9. Back up your e-mail address book! - Windows-based users might try these steps to findrepparttar 117156 approariate files on your hard drive. Usingrepparttar 117157 "find" command type *.wab (Windows Address Book) and selectrepparttar 117158 Find Now. Once you locaterepparttar 117159 file, copy it onto a floppy disk for safekeeping.

10. Use Plain Text Format - Formatting can be everything, but not in your e-mails. Plain text is best. Using HTML, or Rich Text Format is a bit risky because there are lots of e-mail clients (and some servers) that can't handle messages in these formats. The message will come in as utter gibberish or inrepparttar 117160 worst case, crashrepparttar 117161 e-mail client. I've seen it happen. (In Outlook go to Tools, Options, Mail Format and change to Plain Text. If you want to takerepparttar 117162 risk and use Word to format messages, clickrepparttar 117163 box that says Use Microsoft Word.)

Taking time to learnrepparttar 117164 basics of e-mailing will greatly enhance your ability to build on-line relationships and work more effectively in less time. Make it a priority today!

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