Finally an answer to MLM failure

Written by Kris

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6 Steps on How to install confidence into your clients.

Written by Fernando Soave

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5.Have your own standard of ethics and live up to it.

No one can really advise yu correctly on an ethical question, since each of us has his own, highly personal standards. But whatever those standards are, if you follow them, you will eventually be respected for them. Personaly I followrepparttar Golden Rule : “Put yourself inrepparttar 122542 other fellow’s shoes.” Only when you followrepparttar 122543 Golden Rule can you really holdrepparttar 122544 confidence of those with whom you deal.

6.Pay all your bills promptly.

Establish a credit rathing and keep it good. If someone wants to know whether or not he can trust you in a business deal, he may consult a company that tabulates and keeps credit ratings.

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