Finally... An Understandable Introduction To Computers

Written by Roger A. Pendey

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Caching: The storing of frequently used data in extremely fast RAM that connects directly torepparttar CPU.

Virtual memory: Used to temporarily store data and swap it in and out ofrepparttar 144989 RAM.

Motherboard: This isrepparttar 144990 main board inrepparttar 144991 computer that hasrepparttar 144992 processor,repparttar 144993 RAM,repparttar 144994 BIOS ROM,repparttar 144995 timing and control,repparttar 144996 interrupt and direct memory access hardware andrepparttar 144997 keyboard interface on it which are connected to it throughrepparttar 144998 secondary connection.

Soundcard: this device attaches torepparttar 144999 motherboard with a socket called PCI, which allowsrepparttar 145000 computer to play CD's or music files, or MP3 CD's. All soundcards have speakers and connectors. The quality of sound depends uponrepparttar 145001 quality ofrepparttar 145002 card.

Hard drive: This isrepparttar 145003 main storage device of a computer. It stores information includingrepparttar 145004 OS that allows you to access it all. Most common OS for PCs is Microsoft Windows. And Apple computers userepparttar 145005 Macintosh operating system.

Other drives: Most computers are also complete with floppy disk and CD drives. These vary from system to system, however all work in same way. They read information stored on disks. These are necessary for maintaining and updatingrepparttar 145006 computer's software and operating system.

That'srepparttar 145007 components that createrepparttar 145008 average computer. Although there are many different systems, and configura- tions, it is difficult to imagine our lives without them.

Roger A. Pendey is founder of All About Computers an excellent resource site dedicated to information about computers.

Artificial Intelligence

Written by Daniel Punch

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The Turing Test is a measure of Artificial Intelligence that was created by Alan Turing. He stated thatrepparttar question of whether or not machines could think was too vague, and proposed a test that was more specific. His test, without going into too much detail, involved trying to get a computer to fool people into believing that it was human. The people would type a question into a console and receive a response fromrepparttar 144882 computer onrepparttar 144883 other side. While there has been much work done on systems trying to passrepparttar 144884 Turing test, none of them have succeeded yet. There has also been research done into creating machines that can exhibit emotions. However, we're still a long way off from seeing a machine that can appear to be alive.

The early excitement over AI led to developers trying to create a generic reasoning problem solver that could search through a mass of knowledge that it has acquired and find solutions to any problem that was thrown at it. Unfortunately this proved almost impossible in practice. Today's AI tends to focus on very specific problems and knowledge areas. Expert Systems are programs that are "Experts" in a specific field and can answer queries related to only that field. Their applications include medical diagnosis, credit card application, and other fields where data is to be analyzed.

I haven't even begun to explorerepparttar 144885 true extent of AI in this article, but maybe I've piqued your interest. If you want to look into it further, try readingrepparttar 144886 Wikipedia (free on-line encyclopedia) entry and maybe downloading something like Prolog to have a go and see what real AI is like. I find it quite interesting because it involves a similar mindset to programming as you attempt to break a problem down enough for a computer to understand it, but of courserepparttar 144887 actual implementation is very different.

Here's a fun thing to try. Open a copy of ALICE (, start a conversation with a friend on your messenger program of choice, feed their responses into ALICE and sendrepparttar 144888 program's responses back. See how long it takes before they either work out what's happening or get annoyed and block you (which has beenrepparttar 144889 most common result of my experimentations). Enjoy your exploration ofrepparttar 144890 world of artificial intelligence.

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