Fighting the SPAM War

Written by Telian Adlam

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If you are using CPanel, you can check your default email account by clicking onrepparttar “webmail” icon from your control panel home page. You can also set what your unrouted messages will do by clicking onrepparttar 132692 “mail” icon and selecting “default address", then “set default address” - you can then choose to blackhole unrouted messages (just let them disappear into cyberspace - my personal favorite), fail messages (bounce them back to sender) or you can specify an email address you want them forwarded to. If you are afraid someone simply misspelled your email address and you want to sift throughrepparttar 132693 unrouted messages, set up an email account specifically for them (ex: and remember to check it every week or so.

SPAM filters: I consider spam filters to be a final line of defense if all others fail. Currently, I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email application and it comes with a built in spam filter which can be trained to catch unsolicited email. There are also many other SPAM filter software out there for email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc. which are worth a look. To find out more information onrepparttar 132694 available spam filters, check out (for Outlook and Outlook Express - free) or do a quick google search for “free anti spam software” for your platform.

A special note for AOL users: While I have nothing against AOL and they are trying very hard to combat spam, they are slowly, but surely losingrepparttar 132695 battle. I’ve had two email accounts opened with them, and before I even had a chance to sign up for anything or even tell my family about it - I received spam. I do not know why they are so prone to spam, but something tells me it has a lot to do with their member directory. My advice, get another email address - just remember to check your AOL email every once in a while to deleterepparttar 132696 messages. I’ve also noticed that a lot of other subscription services are declining to email AOL users due to their new “report spam” button being far too close torepparttar 132697 delete button and webmasters of legitimate email lists are getting warnings from their ISPs.

In closing, I have managed to keep my current primary email spam free (literally) for over a year using these methods, and before that I kept my primary email address spam free for just over two. I will plainly admit that I have no sympathy for spammers, and I make sure to hunt down anyone who sends me spam and report them until their site is either shut down or their ISP is added to a block list.

If you want to learn more on fighting this spam war, there are many valuable resources online such as which hosts a blacklist of known spammers and which has a wealth of information on protecting yourself against spam.

Telian Adlam is the owner and manager of - a website dedicated to promoting success and balance, not only in business, but in life

How to Get Rid of the 4-letter S-Word

Written by Darryl Graham

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You don't hear much about direct mail anymore becauserepparttar S-word has taken overrepparttar 105895 news. The problem isrepparttar 105896 S-word cannot be stopped by legislation or politicians or rules becauserepparttar 105897 people who are really abusingrepparttar 105898 email system are using techniques so they cannot be tracked. The S-Cop site is out to get rid ofrepparttar 105899 S-word and while I applaud their effort, going afterrepparttar 105900 little guy is not going to get rid ofrepparttar 105901 problem. The only way to get rid ofrepparttar 105902 S-word outside of charging a fee to send and receive email is to educate people. We need to educaterepparttar 105903 greedy people who still think they can get something for free onrepparttar 105904 Internet. We need to educaterepparttar 105905 people who are purchasing lists of names in small quantities and sending multiple emails without givingrepparttar 105906 receiver a chance to breathe in between messages. We need to educaterepparttar 105907 Autoresponder providers to just say no to someone who wants to send bunches of email with purchased lists. We need to educaterepparttar 105908 people who continue to buy fromrepparttar 105909 big S-worders because lets face it, if bulk email did not work, people would not send it. Someone is buying something from these people and whether they are doing it because they get a good price or because they are naive and believerepparttar 105910 message, does not matter. The illegal drug trade would dry up if people did not continue to buy illegal drugs. Terrorism would stop being a way to change policies ifrepparttar 105911 media did not give these people mention in their newspapers and on television and radio. The S-word is working for some people and it will continue to work and be a problem for all of us until everyone stops buying from them. The purpose of this article is to help educate people. If one person reads this article and avoids subscribing to get a free restaurant voucher, because he knows that he is going to get hit with bunches of emails, then we will have accomplished our goal. We, those of us working online need to makerepparttar 105912 S-word go away, because if we leave up torepparttar 105913 politicians and lawyers, werepparttar 105914 people who most depend onrepparttar 105915 Internet and email will be paying to send our email inrepparttar 105916 very near future. Personally, I do not want this to happen. I wantrepparttar 105917 government andrepparttar 105918 lawyers as far away fromrepparttar 105919 Internet as we can keep them because all in allrepparttar 105920 Internet works very well. However if we getrepparttar 105921 government involved, we might as well get prepared to start paying to send emails and also get use to 28k modems because they would take us back that far if they are allowed to interfere. S-word is not coming fromrepparttar 105922 reputable companies and people online. S-word is coming from people that do not care about laws or what is right or wrong. They only care aboutrepparttar 105923 dollar and they won't stop as long as they are making dollars, and they are only going to make dollars if people keep supporting them!

Darryl Graham is President of ISORegister, Inc. ISORegister has been online since 1999 and is committed to helping people better utilize the Internet in an efficient, effective and affordable manner while also teaching responsible marketing. Find out more about ISORegister, Inc. by visiting any of its websites.

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