"Fighting SPAM!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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Basically, you can set up filters to remove email that comes from a specific email address or set it up to block email which contains certain key words in eitherrepparttar Subject section or inrepparttar 132773 Body ofrepparttar 132774 message.

Netscape Communicator 4.0 or later also has filtering ability but Netscape Navigator does not. And Eudora 3.0 and above can also filter your email.

Filtering will not eliminate all spam email but it can make your life onrepparttar 132775 Internet just a bit easier.

Just keep in mind that filters are a constant, ongoing process. Spammers are always changing strategy to keep ahead ofrepparttar 132776 filters or other Spam Blocking software.

There are many popular email management tools to help you combatrepparttar 132777 problem of SPAM which are free, available for free trial or cost a modest fee.

For a FREE List of SPAM Resources via Auto-Responder, send us a blank email to: mailto:spamtools@emailexchange.org

Once you decide how you want to approach this problem, then it is just a matter of keeping tabs on your email and making adjustments to block future changes that spammers might make.

Keeping on top of this will allow you to eliminaterepparttar 132778 majority ofrepparttar 132779 SPAM that is now finding it's way into your in-box.

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SpamCop Vigilantism

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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> >I never signed up for this! Send CONFIRMATION emails BEFORE > >mindlessly signing people up to prevent unauthorized signups! > > http://spamcop.net/w3m?i=z82451690z7ace8a3499a4c 47e3d2714d14424bca0z > Spamvertised website: http://spamfilter.website101.com > > http://spamfilter.website101.com is; Sat, 25 May 2002 03:34:38 GMT

The following is a copy ofrepparttar daily horoscope list that I host that was falsely accused of spamming by someone that was signed up by a usually well-meaning friend who simply wants to share a horoscope they think has particular meaning for their friend or relative. I don't condone this, and I wish that subscribers wouldn't do it, but it is rather harmless, isn't it? Noticerepparttar 132772 advertisers (who also get spam notices from SpamCops.) > > AstrologySender.com presents Horoscopes Daily > Brandi Jasmine, Editor > > > > AstrologySender.com powered by Astrology.ca > > You are receiving this issue because you subscribed > Unsubscribe by usingrepparttar 132773 address atrepparttar 132774 bottom of page. > > ------------------------------------------------------------ > > ==> Sponsor Ad: SpamFilter! > ==> Today's Horoscopes > ==> UniqueSender.com Themed Portals in YOUR Interests! > ==> Classified ads: Healing Oat Bath Mix > ------------------------------------------------------------ > > Fed UP with SPAM? Finally, there's a Solution! > > SpamFilter Cleans your inbox Before you check email! > If you are spending too much time deleting unwanted > commercial email and stopping pornographic images > from filling your inbox. Check out SpamFilter! > > 7 Day Free Trial if you sign up this week! > > http://spamfilter.website101.com > > ----------------------------------------------------------- > To have your ad appear above send for our ad rate card > mailto:ads@AstrologySender.com > ----------------------------------------------------------- > > 25-05-2002 > > Aries > > Don't try to push your values or priorities on a friend today. Even > if you are inrepparttar 132775 right,repparttar 132776 effort could backfire, leaving a lot > of negative feelings instead ofrepparttar 132777 positive effect you had hoped > to generate. You won't be at your most patient or tolerant today. >

Most Horoscopes have been removed, come sign up if you want yours! I'm willing to betrepparttar 132778 complainer was an Aries. ;-) The end is included here to showrepparttar 132779 UNSUBSCRIBE notice andrepparttar 132780 additional advertiser that was an unwitting victim of this Spam Vigilante.

> Pisces > > You are likely to make spontaneous trips or excursions today, but > they are not likely to turn out like you hoped. It's okay if this > takes place relatively close to home, but a spur ofrepparttar 132781 moment > cross-country trip is definitely not a good idea. > > > ----------------------------------------------------------- > > Healing Oat Bath Mix for Sunburn Damaged Skin > > Soothes and heals sunburn damaged sensitive skin > Use as a poultice to relieve when sunscreen failed > > http://www.pennyisland.com > > AOL Members Click Here > ------------------------------------------------------------ >

The plainly visible directions for unsubscribing included in every email.

> Visitrepparttar 132782 following address to subscribe and unsubscribe. > > http://guidelists.com:81/guest/RemoteListSummary/Astrology_CA > > click link above, enter your email address > click "unsubscribe" clickrepparttar 132783 "submit" button > > --

The following info comes directly fromrepparttar 132784 SpamCop.net web site andrepparttar 132785 links will take you to their FAQ pages. SpamCop FAQ http://spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/1.html

SpamCop ISP and mailing list admin FAQs : http://spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/75.html

I have been falsely and/or maliciously accused of spamming, what can I do?


The following is text directly fromrepparttar 132786 SpamCop from that last link. Save it forrepparttar 132787 inevitable day that YOU are persued by Vigilantes.

"False spam reports are not tolerated. Users who file false reports will be banned fromrepparttar 132788 SpamCop service and/or fined. However, in order to take action, we must see proof of wrongdoing. If you would like to take action against a user who has erroneously accused you of spamming, please forward to deputies@admin.spamcop.net:

The entire SpamCop report, including full headers andrepparttar 132789 entire spam.

Proof thatrepparttar 132790 user in question did subscribe for your list.

(Proof can be a log excerpt or a copy ofrepparttar 132791 returned, e-mailed confirmation. There must be proof of a two-way, secure confirmation. This must include IPs and datestamps for two stages - both a signup and a confirmation.)

If you would like to pursue action withrepparttar 132792 user's internet provider SpamCop reports include allrepparttar 132793 information you need to do so. IP address and datestamp ofrepparttar 132794 complainant are included inrepparttar 132795 report. You can even feed a SpamCop report to SpamCop to determinerepparttar 132796 originating point."

Mike Banks Valentine hosts the valuable SpamFilter service at http://spamfilter.website101.com if you want to get real about SPAM and do more than complain. Come join the I-Privacy Discussion List Moderated by Mike at http://www.adventive.com/lists/iprivacy/summary.html SUBSCRIBE: mailto:i-privacy-join-request@list.adventive.com

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