Fighting Fire With Fire Won't Douse The Fire

Written by Stephen Brennan

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Apart fromrepparttar obvious 'dragging down to their level' in which this method results, isn't it illegal? Arerepparttar 105893 people who have put together this web page and promoted it's use in danger ofrepparttar 105894 authorities deciding that they too, are contributing torepparttar 105895 daily plague of spam? I do hope not, as I know their intentions are based in a sense of fighting a huge, common evil.

I heard thatrepparttar 105896 first 'high profile' case against a spammer inrepparttar 105897 U.S., resulting in a hefty jail term, concluded only last week. I know thatrepparttar 105898 wheels of 'justice' do turn slowly, in almost everything but I believerepparttar 105899 reason for that is so that mistakes and more injustices do not result.

That is my concern with Internet citizens deciding to, as I said, takerepparttar 105900 law into their own hands and perhaps overlooking where their actions may backfire, or worse, giverepparttar 105901 spammer an even more powerful tool with which to assault their victims. I shudder to think what spammers, especially those who fall victim to this new idea, might do if they findrepparttar 105902 identity or email addresses ofrepparttar 105903 devisor/s of this idea.

We have relatively new laws to deal with spam and it's perpetrators. As I said, there has been, to my knowledge only one 'notable' and 'highly publicized' instance ofrepparttar 105904 law at work, whererepparttar 105905 Internet community has been able to feel a sense of 'justice' and, yes......payback, revenge, whatever. Giverepparttar 105906 Law a chance.

Again, I do understandrepparttar 105907 need for action and I know exactly how people feel about those who would spoil one ofrepparttar 105908 communication, information and media marvels of this, andrepparttar 105909 last century. However, I think we need to, at least, giverepparttar 105910 law a chance to make a difference before we even think about resorting to such means to dissuade spammers from plying their trade. If to no one else, we owe it to ourselves.

Stephen Brennan runs the ‘Home Based Business and Affiliate Center’- and is the author of ‘The Affiliate Guide Book’ - The definitive guide to becoming a successful Internet Affiliate (at little or no cost) - available at

Detect, Protect, Dis-infect

Written by Robert Rogers

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Protection Firewalls block hackers’ access to your computer by creating a barrier — like a wall — between your ports andrepparttar Internet that allows you to controlrepparttar 105892 data that comes and goes through your ports. Your firewall protects your ports even if you don’t have an IDS. Sometimes a firewall is bundled with an IDS. If not, and if you want an IDS, be sure it’s compatible with your firewall.

Dis-infection Anti-virus software detects and deletes viruses that are in your computer. Viruses often attach themselves to your computer through email attachments and floppy disks. That means a firewall can’t catch them. Similarly, an IDS won’t alert you when a virus is attacking your computer. Look for anti-virus software that recognizes current viruses, as well as older ones; that can effectively reverserepparttar 105893 damage; and that updates automatically.

Robert Rogers is a writer in the Washington DC area and specializes in computer security. For More Information - Visit

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