Fighting Aging Without Needles or Surgery

Written by Victoria Shandra SImone

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Why can’t we just have youthful looking skin withoutrepparttar side effects? I am sure that there are teams of scientists out there somewhere that are developing such products but what about our needs today, right? Wouldn’t a cream be an absolutely divine alternative to surgery or repetitive needle treatments? Such alternatives do exist and they are out there! Aging need not be combated with costly invasive techniques norrepparttar 135870 side-effects tolerated! Science has heard our call ladies because new products have already been developed and are out there awaiting us if we are willing to seek them out!


Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads

Written by Judi Singleton

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She is of great help if you are meditating on growing older and death or crossing over. Similarly, Hecate played a role that, in contemporary times, we would describe as a hospice worker helpingrepparttar elderly make a smooth and painless passage intorepparttar 135752 next life and staying with them, if need be, inrepparttar 135753 otherworld to help prepare them for their eventual return torepparttar 135754 earth in their next life. She then went with them as they were reborn. So this isrepparttar 135755 reference to her beingrepparttar 135756 Goddess of birth and of death. Since she isrepparttar 135757 protector of women more women used her powers in this regard then men. It is hardly surprizing that a woman who needed to make a trip alone at night would say a brief prayer to Hecate to seek her protection. She isrepparttar 135758 protector of women. Hecate teaches us an important lesson, which is thatrepparttar 135759 feminine should be valued for itself, because deep within it there is an eternal wisdom. Hecate is alsorepparttar 135760 High Priestess,repparttar 135761 keeper ofrepparttar 135762 Mysteries. Hecate is notrepparttar 135763 priestess who seeksrepparttar 135764 inner knowledge, but High Priestess who has found it and imparts it to others. During Medieval times, pagans were being tortured based on their belief inrepparttar 135765 Goddess. Patriarchy reigned andrepparttar 135766 fear of feminine power causedrepparttar 135767 Church to demonize Hecate. She was made infamous asrepparttar 135768 crone; old, wrinkled, ugly, warts protruding from her nose and chin, mysterious, dark and loathsome. Many mistakenly call Herrepparttar 135769 destroyer, but She is not for if you destroy something, that something is forever gone. She is not a destroyer in that sense she shows us how to let go and recreate ourselves, our dreams and our ideas. Pray to Hercate before you let go ofrepparttar 135770 past and as you start a new future. She will show yourepparttar 135771 road to take so you do not have to retrace your steps.

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