Fight The Disease!

Written by Joe Bingham

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This disease apparently affects areas ofrepparttar brain related to having common sense, a work ethic, and respect for others.

Now why someone would rather spend their entire life griping and whining about what is wrong instead of doing something aboutrepparttar 124011 problem, I don't know.

The truth ofrepparttar 124012 matter is this. If you want something, you HAVE to WORK for it. Sure, you may winrepparttar 124013 lottery. Buy a few tickets every week if you want, but don't just sit around waiting on that!

Your odds of 'get rich quick' are extremely low. Your odds of working for your success may not be as good as you want either. However, I guarantee they are better. I also guarantee them to improve as your attitude does.

Whatever you want out of life you have to go get it. That's what everybody else is doing, which means they don't have time to hand it to you!

Effort is 95% ofrepparttar 124014 resolution to any problem. If you do need help from others, fine. People will help you -- IF you are trying to help yourself.

There is no one that can have a greater impact on your life than you.

I'm tired of people who sit around whining about what they want instead of working on a way to get it. I'm also tired of people who would rather take it from others or expect others to give it to them instead of earning it themselves.

As a group of people working our own Internet businesses or at least looking atrepparttar 124015 possibility of working our own business, I'm sure few of us fit this category. However, I'm also tired of those who don't understand our industry lumping us intorepparttar 124016 same category asrepparttar 124017 get rich quick scam artists.

I for one plan to work to improverepparttar 124018 public image of Internet marketing by NEVER engaging in or subjecting to anything that resemblesrepparttar 124019 attitudes mentioned above.

I DON'T want to get rich in 5 minutes for doing nothing. I DON'T want to winrepparttar 124020 lottery. I want to make it big by providing something of legitimate VALUE to others and by making my readers and customers happy.

I want to EARN my fortune. I want to help others EARN theirs.

From here out, I plan on making a difference in MY industry. I will NOT submit torepparttar 124021 symptoms ofrepparttar 124022 disease, and I call on each of you to dorepparttar 124023 same.

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Einstein on Connections

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Allrepparttar systems work together in a circular, vibrantly beating model that keeps you everything flowing.

As our system allows for circulation to flow, we live with a brilliant energy.

When our system is hopelessly clogged we face certain death.

The connection here?

When we choose to sit in a space of joy and possibilities we allow ourselves to circle freely. We are able to get from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego learning alongrepparttar 124010 way. We pick ourselves up when we falter. We laugh atrepparttar 124011 interesting characters and roadblocks alongrepparttar 124012 way.

When we live in a space of fear and doubt, our system begins to slowly get clogged. We shut down. We face certain death.

In my not-so-distant path, I was doing exactly that. It was a bit over two years ago and what seems like an eternity ago that I forgot what it felt like to flow. I had turned from creativity, I had snuffed outrepparttar 124013 spark. I had disallowedrepparttar 124014 beauty of life to shine within me or through me. I was dying a slow, miserable, lonely death.

I saw systems and procedures as a necessary enemy. I saw myself as a hapless victim of horrific circumstances.

I was not looking atrepparttar 124015 barn, I was seeingrepparttar 124016 hole where I believedrepparttar 124017 barn had fallen.

Like our circulatory system,repparttar 124018 procedures we follow bring flow back into our lives. As I grew from slow death to possible passion to vibrant passion to embracingrepparttar 124019 entire system from nuts and bolts to complexities beyond my human understanding and everything in between, I was able to see (or in some cases accept that I could not see forrepparttar 124020 moment) allrepparttar 124021 world was offering to me.

I was seeingrepparttar 124022 skyscraper (or museum, cathedral, home or bridge). I was seeing not onlyrepparttar 124023 roads crisscrossing Bakersfield, I was seeing Alaska, North America, Central America, and South America and Tierra del Fuego.

Atrepparttar 124024 heart ofrepparttar 124025 experience was my soul. My essence. The beat of my internal drum.

Where are you today? Are you facing certain death? Are you reaching towardsrepparttar 124026 flow? Are you living firmly inrepparttar 124027 flow? Are you somewhere in between?

Decide that today is your new beginning. Declare it your fresh start.

Know that from this point onward, you will grow even when you stumble and fall. You will continue to go higher and wider, flow through systems and procedures, gain strength and find power in weakness.

It seems fitting to conclude our connections, our discovery of circles, with a quote fromrepparttar 124028 same hero of mine who opened this article: Albert Einstein. Yes, he is a scientist. Yes, he is a philosopher. Neither are mutually exclusive. They both are spectacular alone and together.

Just as you are spectacular in your specialness. In your niche and niches. In your own personal paradoxes.

Take his words and apply them torepparttar 124029 systematic flow of your life. Allow them to filter through and apply themselves as you begin your new journey today. Directly inrepparttar 124030 words of my Scientific Philosopher Hero: "The ideas that have lighted my way and, time after time, have given me new courage to face life cheerfully have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth."

Julie Jordan Scott is a Personal Success Coach who left her career as a government bureaucrat and built a successful business in less than six months. Visit for free resources for YOUR success Contact Julie now to bring YOUR vision to life today. ph: 661.325.4116 or email

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