Fiction Imitates Life

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

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It's time to get off your fat asses, people. It's stop to stop drinking that beer and eating those pretzels. It's time to write your representatives - daily - and let them know how pissed off you really are. It's time to let some professional politicians know that they are going to be out of a job - and probably unemployable and sleeping under a bridge - if they won't start doing what you elected them to do right now. It's time to march inrepparttar streets and wave signs - even get arrested if that's what it takes. Be as obnoxious as you can!

Refuse - always non-violently - to give up your rights and your liberties. Teach your children what America should be - don't leave it torepparttar 126052 schools to brainwash them into accepting any "New World Order." Help them to understand that governments are just governments - only individuals can give up their liberties, and when they do, they might as well be dead. Teach them from real books, notrepparttar 126053 watered down pap that won't mention freedom, orrepparttar 126054 U.S. Constitution, orrepparttar 126055 founding fathers. Hell, they won't even userepparttar 126056 word "war" inrepparttar 126057 schools anymore, and I've actually met several high school kids who'd never heard of Patrick Henry!

Of course, Henry would probably be locked up as a dangerous subversive today. Our leaders don't want any "Give me liberty, or give me death" ideas reaching our youngsters. Really scary stuff.

And since when has World War II becomerepparttar 126058 "second global conflict"? My real father (who served during that "conflict"!) must be revolving in his grave!

Find those candidates who are not professional politicians. They do exist, because a lot of Americans are scared and unhappy withrepparttar 126059 status quo right now. Find them, volunteer your time and money - go stump door to door for them if you have to. These people are a treasure beyond price. They are our only - and I do mean our only - hope, Help them win!

Work with other organizations! My first loyalty is to Armed Females of America. I amrepparttar 126060 Texas Director, because this organization is about what I believe in, right downrepparttar 126061 line.

Yes, I am angry withrepparttar 126062 NRA for surrendering my rights for more than 35 years! But, dammit, they are 80 million strong, and most ofrepparttar 126063 rank and file members are no fonder of compromise than I am!

Second Amendment Sisters also compromises more than I like. But, dammit, 95% ofrepparttar 126064 time, we are allies!

The Libertarian Second Amendment Caucus is right downrepparttar 126065 line with every single thing that Armed Females of America stands for! It was founded by L. Neil Smith,repparttar 126066 best (and most vocal) friendrepparttar 126067 Second Amendment folks have ever had.

The Brady idiots can work together - so why can'trepparttar 126068 gun people? We'd better learn, and quickly, too, or we are sunk, sunk, sunk!

Persuade your community to do what a couple of others have done - vote your city or town or even just your neighborhood into a "U.N. Free Zone." What a wonderful way to send a global message!

Own as many, and as lethal, firearms as you legally can. I do not suggest you use them. The very existence of an extremely large and well-armed populace has always been enough to give our government serious pause when it considers mistreating its citizens, and we have no reason to believe it won't work this time.

Wake up, people! Defense against tyranny was alwaysrepparttar 126069 reason forrepparttar 126070 Second Amendment! Self-defense is a good thing. Prevention of crime is a good thing. Butrepparttar 126071 real reasonrepparttar 126072 right to keep and bear arms was considered sacred byrepparttar 126073 founding fathers of this country was to prevent tyranny! Nothing has changed today, except of course thatrepparttar 126074 folks who want to control your lives (and not to your benefit!) are trying to deprive you of this right. Gee, I wonder why that would be . . .

Could it possibly be that they are trying to prevent large, leaky holes from appearing in their various anatomies?

I hear it from people every day. You're afraid these tactics won't work. Horse manure! The tactics I describe here endedrepparttar 126075 Vietnam war when our leaders most emphatically did not want said very profitable war to end - and without starting a civil war inrepparttar 126076 process - although I admit that we did come dangerously close a time or two.

Were there casualties? You bet there were! Most were on or near college campuses, as a matter of fact - kidsrepparttar 126077 age of most combat soldiersrepparttar 126078 world over. Will there be casualties this time? Yes, there are sure to be. Will there be deaths? I truly hope not, butrepparttar 126079 lessons of history all say there will be. Can't handle that idea? I pity you.

I might even be one of those casualties myself. Or worse from my point of view, I could end up with yearly tax audits forrepparttar 126080 rest of my miserable days.

But I cannot - and I damned well will not! - sit here and do nothing while I watchrepparttar 126081 country I love wither and die from within.

My personal hero, Thomas Jefferson, once said: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time withrepparttar 126082 blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure."

So let's start spreading a little of that smelly stuff around, folks. It's time to cultivate a big, fat tree!

At a tiny 5'1", Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, pilot, aircraft mechanic and handgun instructor in Texas. Also a prolific author, she has written numerous articles, short stories and a science fiction novel.

What's With These Apologies?

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

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So choosing to bear arms is indeed an act of great courage. It is a decision and a stance that any human being should be proud of.

Yet my students do not come to me with pride. They come to me furtively and ashamed, desperately making excuses for their decision as ifrepparttar mere association with firearms will somehow damage their integrity as human beings. Before I can even begin to teach them what they must know to bear arms safely and legally in this state, I must teach them that armed self-defense is their right, not a privilege they must ask for – and never, never something they should apologize for. They are requesting a concealed handgun license fromrepparttar 126051 state forrepparttar 126052 sole purpose of remaining out of jail, but they were born withrepparttar 126053 instinct andrepparttar 126054 right to defend their own lives. This instinct is not immoral, and it never will be. And there is nothing nobler thanrepparttar 126055 decision to risk your own life to defend someone else.

It is interesting to watchrepparttar 126056 process. They sit a little straighter now.

The next step is to teach them Texas law and a few simple rules for resolving conflicts without violence. We cover some firearm safety rules, and they take a range test so unbelievably easy it only proves that they know at which end ofrepparttar 126057 rangerepparttar 126058 target is located. That test is meant to be easy. It should be easy for an 80 year old grandmother to pass. It was designed that way!

Afterrepparttar 126059 state requirements and testing are completed, they take their first steps on a lifetime journey together. I would not presume to tell my students what is right and what is wrong. I tell them about Texas law, that’s all. But I do have an obligation to make them think about right and wrong. They must begin to set their personal boundaries and define what they are and are not willing to do.

Inrepparttar 126060 midst of a firefight is notrepparttar 126061 place to make these philosophical decisions!

For example: If a burglar broke into your house tonight and tried to make off with your VCR, would you confront and try to stop him? If he attacked you then, would you shoot to defend yourself? You had better knowrepparttar 126062 answers to these and many other questions before you choose to keep and/or carry a firearm. Whenrepparttar 126063 situation is happening, it is already much too late to think it through. I ask my students to try imagine every possible circumstance and decide what they would and would not do. The thinking process is never complete. It is ongoing.

There is self-defense, and there is murder. Much ofrepparttar 126064 time that line is clear and obvious. But many circumstances can blurrepparttar 126065 line between self-defense and murder torepparttar 126066 point where there is no clear cut right and wrong answer. Personal boundaries must be set in that gray area. In fact, I can’t imagine any decision more personal except possiblyrepparttar 126067 decision of what deity to worship.

That idea sinks in, and my students leaverepparttar 126068 classroom with a lot of thinking to do.

What they do not yet realize is thatrepparttar 126069 thinking they will do overrepparttar 126070 coming months and years is going to change them forever – and forrepparttar 126071 better. It never fails. That isrepparttar 126072 hidden virtue of firearms. We do very little moral thinking in our society. Most kids today are actually embarrassed atrepparttar 126073 mention of “right” and “wrong.” Yet concepts of right and wrong, of duty – and of sacrifice – go hand in hand withrepparttar 126074 idea of lawful carry. Training your kids inrepparttar 126075 use of firearms offers a golden opportunity to teach them moral values.

Thomas Jefferson, one ofrepparttar 126076 great architects of our nation, understood this very well. In 1785, he wrote a letter to Peter Carr, then attending school in Paris, in which he offered warm advice on how best to seek success, both in college and in life.

In Jefferson’s own words: “A strong body makesrepparttar 126077 mind strong. As torepparttar 126078 species of exercise, I adviserepparttar 126079 gun. While this gives a moderate exercise torepparttar 126080 body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence torepparttar 126081 mind. Games played withrepparttar 126082 ball, and others of that nature, are too violent forrepparttar 126083 body, and stamp no character onrepparttar 126084 mind. Let your gun therefore berepparttar 126085 constant companion of your walks.”

Excellent advice.

At a tiny 5'1", Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, pilot, aircraft mechanic and handgun instructor in Texas. Also a prolific author, she has written numerous articles, short stories and a science fiction novel.

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