Fiber Optic Cable

Written by Gianfranco Fracassi

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Facts about fiber optic cables: •Outer insulating jacket is made of Teflon or PVC. •Kevlar fiber helps to strengthenrepparttar cable and prevent breakage. •A plastic coating is used to cushionrepparttar 143501 fiber centre. •Centre (core) is made of glass or plastic fibers. Fiber Optic Connector The most common connector used with fiber optic cable is an ST connector. It is barrel shaped, similar to a BNC connector. A newer connector,repparttar 143502 SC, is becoming more popular. It has a squared face and is easier to connect in a confined space.

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Do We Need Web Directories?

Written by Stuart C. McHenry

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An important consideration in submitting is to be surerepparttar directory has a page rank of no less than three. Four or more is better -repparttar 143439 reason being thatrepparttar 143440 big search engines like Google and Yahoo will attach more relevance torepparttar 143441 link ifrepparttar 143442 directory is well rated. In fact, submitting to a directory with a low or no page rank can - if done frequently - lower your own site’s page rank.

One ofrepparttar 143443 best sites in which to find relevant web directories is Vile Silencer ( . This site will guide you to appropriate directories and even displaysrepparttar 143444 page rank of each directory.

Since directories are search engines edited by humans, detailed preparation must be made byrepparttar 143445 site owner or webmaster prior to submission. Be sure to offer a concise description ofrepparttar 143446 sites offering, staying withinrepparttar 143447 word allowance limits ofrepparttar 143448 directories. In addition,repparttar 143449 description should not include such self-promotional terms as “the best”, “the largest” or “best prices”. Directory editors consider this marketing hype and will undoubtably rejectrepparttar 143450 submission.

Regarding cost, many directories offerrepparttar 143451 option of free as well as paid submissions. Many older directories with a large database may no longer accept free submissions - although some still allow freebies despite their size. Newer directories almost always allow free submissions in order to more quickly increase their database. The larger these directories grow,repparttar 143452 more their importance onrepparttar 143453 web becomes andrepparttar 143454 more likely they are to charge for submission.

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