Feng Shui - Create Prosperity at the Office by Clearing the Clutter

Written by Jean Hanson

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3. Go through your desk drawers. Throw out old pens, old notes, loose paperclips and rubber bands. Buy a desk organizer to keep things organized into compartments. 4. File cabinets and bookshelves can get overloaded with old papers, out-dated manuals, old magazines, and piles of old paper and envelops. These things all create negative energy. 5. Your computer also needs to be cleaned up. Delete old e-mails, back-up files onto a CD and store in a CD tower. Clean up your temp files and Internet cache on a regular basis.

Clearingrepparttar clutter will not happen overnight. Give yourself one or two weeks to get your office in order. Try to chip away at it a little each day. Tackle one task at a time. Before you know it wealth and prosperity will be heading your way. Check out this Feng Shui website for more information http//www.168fengshui.com/

Reprinted with permission from Jean Hanson, Virtual Assistant (Copyright 2002, Jean Hanson, VA Office Solution, http://www.vaofficesolution.com). To subscribe to Jean's free newsletter, Office Solutions, visit her website.

Pick a City - any City

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Phase 3. You contact every business listed in your city guide and ask them if they want to renew their listing for one year for $1 (or some incredibly low fee). You can also approach businesses not yet listed withrepparttar offer to list them forrepparttar 117407 same incredibly low fee.

If you were a restaurant owner or hotel manager looking at a guide that has all your competitors listed, wouldn't you be willing to pay a small fee to remain inrepparttar 117408 guide? The reason that you have such a low fee is because you want your customers to takerepparttar 117409 important leap from a free listing to a paid listing.

Phase 4. After their renewal expires, you present each business with your listing options forrepparttar 117410 next year. You can offer anything from a small advertisement to a multi-page Web site. You are now an established city guide. Even your minimal listing - an entry inrepparttar 117411 search section only - costs $50.00 to $500.00 or more per year. The leap from paid to a price increase is not as wide asrepparttar 117412 leap from free to paid.

The potential earnings from a Web city guide varies withrepparttar 117413 size and popularity ofrepparttar 117414 city. Even a small town with some attraction should provide you with a moderate income. A large city with many popular attractions could earn you much more.

For good examples of city guide web sites visit: Explore Dickenson North Dakota http://www.dickinsoncvb.com Glenwood Guide http://www.glenwoodguide.com Santa Fe Always Online http://www.sfaol.com ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 117415 Web visit http://bucarotechelp.com To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to bucarotechelp-subscribe@topica.com ----------------------------------------------------------


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