Feb. 12 is "Darwin Day" -- Secular Americans Celebrate B'day of Evolution Champ

Written by Duncan Crary

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Though an unofficial humanist holiday, Darwin Day has been steadily gaining popularity inrepparttar humanist community since it first appeared inrepparttar 127598 early 1990s. Not long afterrepparttar 127599 event took hold,repparttar 127600 International Humanist and Ethical Union decided against making Darwin Day an official holiday. Board members atrepparttar 127601 time argued that humanists should not ape saints days or elevate humanist heroes torepparttar 127602 status of secular idols.

Yet many humanists simply see Darwin Day as a way to celebrate scientific thinking and progress. Humanists are quick to note that science has evolved sincerepparttar 127603 time of Darwin. But that, according to humanists, is a tribute to Darwin and to science.

"Science should be celebrated as something that makes our lives better Ė- just like family, love, nature, civil rights andrepparttar 127604 many other things we already celebrate," said August E. Brunsman IV, executive director ofrepparttar 127605 Secular Student Alliance.

The Secular Student Alliance is an Ohio-based nonprofit educational organization. This year,repparttar 127606 SSA supplied Darwin Day idea packets to more than 50 college campus affiliates. Serious ideas include lectures and debates. Some lighthearted possibilities include hosting an Evolution Banquet with Primordial Soup, or wearing ape costumes and handing out parodies ofrepparttar 127607 disclaimer stickers that have appeared on biology textbooks in some states. The stickers were recently found to be an unconstitutional violation ofrepparttar 127608 first amendment.

Duncan Crary is the editor of the Humanist Network News, a free weekly e-zine published by the Institute for Humanist Studies, http://www.HumanistStudies.org The IHS offers online courses in humanism, a philosophy maintaining that science and reason are the best means to promote human welfare. Humanists accept that people can live happy and ethical lives free from religious or supernatural convictions.

Superultramodern Epistemology [Theory of Knowledge] ( SE )

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI, MRI

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5. Superultramodern Intuitionism (SI) :

a. Out ofrepparttar NSTP theory, super/higher knowledge ofrepparttar 127597 universe might be attainable only through intuition / meditation, etc. Also Most ofrepparttar 127598 essential knowledge is obtained through intuition.

b. Superhuman Knowledge and Powers through Meditation : E.g. Changingrepparttar 127599 (empirical) laws of nature, and in general, modulating consciousness. Knowing godís mind, and higher truths with higher certainty, whether other beings are conscious, etc.

6. Superultramodern Philosophical Methodology (SPM) : So far philosophers have argued too much regardingrepparttar 127600 nature of mind, self, space, time, and, in general, reality. Now they should understand thatrepparttar 127601 truth on these matters might be known not through too much thinking and debate, but through more or less self - evident propositions, straightforward reasoning, and possibilities. Either, if they are smart enough, they would appreciate it or dismiss it, and thus fail to seerepparttar 127602 light forever.

Founder and President of British Superultramodern Scientific Institution (BSSI) http://superultramodern.blogspot.com

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