Features and Benefits: Which is Which and Why Do I Need to Know the Difference?

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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2. Writerepparttar way you speak.

Use your company's voice and personality in your copy. Make it sound like a written conversation between your company's personality and your customer. Every company will have its own style and tone, depending on whatrepparttar 129369 you sell.

2. Write in second person point of view.

Remember to write that conversation as if it were you and one customer speaking. Be sure to use "you" and "me" a lot - companies don't sell products, people do. Here are a few examples to keep you on track:

"You will feel ... " "You'll learn hat ..." "...brings you ... " "As you know,... "

4. Provide a call to action.

No, you're not ordering customers around when you tell them what to do -- but without spelling out specific actions to take, you'll risk losing their response.

Tell them exactly what you want them to do, and be specific. If you don't ask forrepparttar 129370 sale, you may not get it. For example:

"Please fill outrepparttar 129371 form and mail it to ..." "Enter by December 13 for your chance to win ..." "Call toll-free today 1-800-..." "Clickrepparttar 129372 blue box to read more ..."

Follow these tips when communicating features and benefits and be sure your customers are hearingrepparttar 129373 message you want them to hear. That way, they will also respond to your call to actionrepparttar 129374 way you want them to, and you makerepparttar 129375 sale!

Linda Elizabeth Alexander writes marketing copy for nonprofits and other businesses. Contact her today to get your free consultation! http://www.write2thepointcom.com mailto:lalexander@write2thepointcom.com

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Do You Submit Articles to Ezines?

Written by Nucha Aquino

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~~ Send it torepparttar right place ~~

Be sure you send your article torepparttar 129367 right address, withrepparttar 129368 right subject line. Most people filter their email. If your article does not make its way torepparttar 129369 "articles to read" (or whatever) folder,repparttar 129370 possibility is that it will never be read at all.

The other not-so-important-but-nice-to-do thing is formatting. I take me more time to read and publish an unformatted article. It might not get published by a publisher who is busier than I am.

~~ Format your article ~~

To be safe, do it 55 characters per line (pressrepparttar 129371 ENTER button atrepparttar 129372 end of every line). I do not know any publisher who publishes less than 55 chars/line. It is a good idea to put summary ofrepparttar 129373 article together with word/line counts with your submission as well.

Each publisher has his/her rule aboutrepparttar 129374 format. You have to follw it. Make it easy to read. Put more white spaces. And use common language. The article should not be too long or too short. I think 500 words is a nice length.

Last but not least...

How would you feel when you receive this message "Hey... you... need some money? here's my article" Well, I can use some money, but I just hate you for saying so. I normally reply to these people withrepparttar 129375 information of how to order a solo ad in my ezine.

~~ Make offer with respect ~~

If you are offering a profit sharing program, or any kind of partnership to a publisher, do it with respect. Use terms like "please consider...", "if you would like to...", or such. Make publishers feel you are proposing a win-win partnership. Do not write as if you were giving them a favor because you actually are not! Do you need your article published, byrepparttar 129376 way?

Consider these. Send your article again. This time be more thougthful. Nowrepparttar 129377 rest is up torepparttar 129378 content of your works.

Good Luck, and Have Fun Writing

Nucha Aquino is a Work-At-Home-Mom who loves to travel. She currently teaches International Business and Management in a Graduate School in Laguna, Philippines. When the baby is asleep and there is no class, she writes about her International and Business experiences in her 2 ezines: Small-World Ezine at http://small-world.netfirms.com , and eLaguna's eBiz Tips at http://eLaguna.net/newsletter.htm

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