Fear -- Feel It and Keep Moving

Written by Ginny Dye

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Failure He stuttered. He stammered. He enduredrepparttar sympathetic and scornful looks of fellow students. He enduredrepparttar 147393 laughing. But he did it. He facedrepparttar 147394 fear and forced himself to speak. Day after day. Week after week. He hung ontorepparttar 147395 encouragement ofrepparttar 147396 teacher who believed in him. And it worked. His stuttering became less. He learned to control his voice.

Responsibility His victories made him look for more challenges. James Earl began to take acting lessons. His early lessons in perseverance gave himrepparttar 147397 courage to push beyondrepparttar 147398 prejudices against black actors. He chose to take as many different types of roles as he could – stretching his limitations and refusing to be pigeon-holed with any stereotypes.

Beyondrepparttar 147399 Fear James Earl Jones is now known for his deep authoritative voice. Perhaps you know him asrepparttar 147400 voice of Star War’s Darth Vader or as Mufasa inrepparttar 147401 Lion King. You see him almost daily on commercials. He has starred on Broadway and been in many movies. He has been laden with Tony, Emmy and Obie Awards.

People look at him today and see a confident actor with a deep, resonant voice. The next time you see him, look deeper. . .

James Earl Jones’ great secret to success is that he chose to push beyond his fears. He chose to changerepparttar 147402 reality of a young boy who had lived in silence for eight years. He chose to face ridicule and scorn in order to be free. I can only imagine how many years passed before he could open his mouth without being afraid of what would come out.

So many of us let our fears stop us. We’re afraid of how we will appear. We’re afraid of what people will think. We’re afraid we’ll fail. And so.

. . we do nothing. We exchange fear for regret.

Fear will pass. Fear can be conquered. Fear will fade away inrepparttar 147403 face of determined action.

Regret – well, you’ll live with that forrepparttar 147404 rest of your life.

What are you afraid of? Namerepparttar 147405 fear. Choose to face it. And take action to conquer it today! You, too, can live a life of success by feelingrepparttar 147406 fear and moving beyond it.

The story for this article was taken from Ginny Dye’s Daily Secrets For Success. Let these daily motivational stories stir your heart, fuel your desire and propel you into action. Subscribe at http://www.DailySecretsForSuccess.com

Open Your Unlimited Potential

Written by Mary Kay Buttery

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It is very important to be aware of our belief system at every moment, because it manifests whatever is in our lives. The mind, andrepparttar beliefs inrepparttar 147356 mind, are powerful! A person says to himself, "Oh I could never do that!" And life reacts... "Oh, he doesn't think he can do that," and life never presents it to him. And another person says, "Oh I can do this!" And it is easily presented to them. The words that we say and our actions arerepparttar 147357 effects of our belief system. This isrepparttar 147358 thinking that keeps us in a constant rut, and gives usrepparttar 147359 feeling that we are going no where in life. When we begin to let go of what no longer serves us we make room forrepparttar 147360 love, peace and joy that we have longed for .

One does not have to be taught or learn another form or technique. It is about choosing joy over fear, peace over turmoil, spirit over ego, and realize that when we do, we create an effortless and prosperous life.

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