Faulty Sales Technique

Written by Phillip A. Ross

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“Billy, please clean your room! Are you listening to me, Billy?”

“Yes, mom I'm listening.”

Butrepparttar next morning reveals that Billy did not clean his room. He was listening, but he didn't hearrepparttar 127236 message. It didn't register in a significant enough way for him to remember it, and take action upon it. Mom expressed herself and Billy listened, but he didn't hear her.

Overcoming Objections Sales training literature often speaks of overcoming objections. Sales people are taught various techniques for overcomingrepparttar 127237 customer’s resistance to buyingrepparttar 127238 product or service now. And herein liesrepparttar 127239 rub. The sales person is taught to listen torepparttar 127240 customer, except when he says that he doesn't want to buyrepparttar 127241 product or service now.

Too often, sales people take a short-sighted view ofrepparttar 127242 sales process and press to overcomerepparttar 127243 customer’s objections by pesteringrepparttar 127244 customer to change his mind. He wantsrepparttar 127245 sale today. But pressing to overcome objections requiresrepparttar 127246 abandonment ofrepparttar 127247 listening process atrepparttar 127248 point that listening is most critical.

While it is true that overcoming objections requires careful listening, it is also true that suchrepparttar 127249 effort to overcome objections refuses to hearrepparttar 127250 essential fact thatrepparttar 127251 customer doesn't want to buy now. To press to overcome objections requires not listening, but manipulation—and people don't like to be manipulated.

Back off, Dude! So, what isrepparttar 127252 sales person to do when confronted with objections? He should back offrepparttar 127253 sale and work to develop a genuine personal relationship or friendship withrepparttar 127254 customer. And short of that, he should find someone who doesn't object to buying his product or service, and not waste any more of his time—or theirs!

There will be another day. If there isn't, he has not only lostrepparttar 127255 sale, he has lostrepparttar 127256 customer.

©2003 Phillip A. Ross

Phillip A. Ross, entrepreneur, freelance writer and owner of Business Specialties (www.business-specialties.com), lives in Marietta, Ohio, and provides identity products and promotional services to position companies and organization for substantial success.

Listen Your Way To Sales Success!

Written by Kelley Robertson

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An amazing thing occurs if you demonstrate even a tiny bit of interest in your customer. They'll begin to open up! They'll provide you with information you may not have learned otherwise. They'll talk. They'll tell you everything you need to know in order to closerepparttar sale. People love to talk about themselves and they'll start to feel more comfortable with you as they talk. When people feel more comfortable they relax. We all know that a prospect who is relaxed will be more likely to buy than someone who is tense and uptight.

The second reason for not gathering sufficient information is that we feel it takes too much time. In my training sessions I frequently hear that this time is better used overcoming objections. My response is that if we gain more information and fully understandrepparttar 127235 customer's motives and needs, we can often overcome objections before they occur. Use your time more effectively duringrepparttar 127236 sales process. Instead of spending so much time overcoming objections find out what your customer's true concerns are beforehand. This will help you adapt your sales presentation to meet their specific needs, address their concerns, and move you closer to closingrepparttar 127237 sale. Ask yourself, "What information do I still need to helprepparttar 127238 customer makerepparttar 127239 appropriate buying decision?"

We've all heardrepparttar 127240 expression that information is power. Gainrepparttar 127241 extra leverage inrepparttar 127242 sales process by investingrepparttar 127243 time gaining extra information from your customer. Do it consistently and you'll develop stronger relationships with your customers, which, in turn, will help you close more sales.

Kelley Robertson is a Senior Partner of The Robertson Training Group and the author of, "Stop, Ask & Listen - How to welcome your customers and increase your sales." Gain practical advice on how to increase your sales by subscribing to his 59-Second Tip, a free weekly e-zine at www.robertsontraininggroup.com. Kelley can be reached at 905-633-7750, 1-866-694-3583 or Kelley@RobertsonTrainingGroup.com.

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