Fat Loss For Good

Written by Dr. Alan Jenks

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Start with creating good eating habits, if that is adding a salad to your lunch; then congratulations. Exercise more, if that is beginning with walking; then great! As days progress, walk faster and longer, try and develop a sweat. Most importantly, look inside and find out what emotional triggers are holding you back from losing weight. Dr. Alan Jenks is a Health & Wellness Consultant in British Columbia. His web site Weight Loss Chronicles was developed to create an open and honest information source for real weight loss solutions. Sign up for his free weight loss eCourse at www.weightlosschronicles.com

Dr. Alan Jenks is owner of www. weightlosschronicles.com. An information source for weight loss ideas. Sign up for his free Fat Burning eCourse at http://www.marketerschoice.com/app/adtrack.asp?AdID=131965

Five Ways To Stay Motivated On Your Diet

Written by Anthony J. Burlay, M.D.

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4. Ruin your wardrobe Part ofrepparttar excitement of losing weight is finding your clothes get loose–or, finding that last year’s jeans actually fit now. One way to reinforce your efforts is to set aside some funds for every pound you lose. Put away $5, $10, or whatever amount feels right and when you hit that goal, go shopping and replace your ill fitting old clothes.

5. Enjoyrepparttar 131175 extra energy As you lose weight, you’ll feel better and likely have more energy. Do something you’ve been putting off. Or, takerepparttar 131176 energy and become more active as you had been inrepparttar 131177 past. The increased energy as you lose weight lets you do more and increasing your activity level only moves you closer to your weight loss goals.

Take what you know about your body and turn it into a plan that works for you. Sometimes, it takes a complete direction change to get to your goals. Other times, some fine tuning can turn a good plan into a success.

Anthony J. Burlay, M.D. is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Author of The Foundation Diet: Your Body Was Designed to Eat, a plan he created after losing and keeping off 50 pounds. Learn more at www.FoundationDiet.com

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