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The Name You Give Your Child

Written by Susan Dunn. MA, The EQ Coach

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Inrepparttar case ofrepparttar 150174 heir torepparttar 150175 throne of Great Britain (William), andrepparttar 150176 spare (Harry), Charles and Diana were no exception. William means resolute guardian, and Harry means army-power.

What about this second child ofrepparttar 150177 same sex,repparttar 150178 one who doesn’t have any photos inrepparttar 150179 baby book, etc.?

The cry of all young siblings is “That’s not fair!” Whatever it is they’re comparing, likely isn’t “fair,” as there are things in life we can’t choose that aren’t fair. The child withrepparttar 150180 red hair wants to be blond like her sister. The child withrepparttar 150181 freckles enviesrepparttar 150182 sibling who doesn’t. The child withrepparttar 150183 athletic ability wishes he had his sister’s IQ. Part of life is learning to playrepparttar 150184 hand you were dealt. My family has a number of two-son families and when I would listen torepparttar 150185 cousins debate whether it’s better to berepparttar 150186 oldest orrepparttar 150187 youngest (only kids would do this!), I would hear that one was envying whatrepparttar 150188 other would gladly have given up.

Some things about parenting you can’t win – someone’s got to be born first, and someone second, and whatever your place inrepparttar 150189 birth order, something comes with it. But you do get to choose their names. Think about whatrepparttar 150190 following parents did. Some names have been changed to protect anonymity but they are true torepparttar 150191 examples:

·To name a girl Temptress, unless, of course, you value that and want her to be one ·To name one boy John, Jr. andrepparttar 150192 other Fred. (you could makerepparttar 150193 second one a “II” after another male inrepparttar 150194 family) ·To name one daughter Brunhilde andrepparttar 150195 other one Candee ·To establish a theme and then bust it – 4 boys inrepparttar 150196 family, William Charles, Wendell Collin, Wesley Cameron and then came little Edward John. Or Elke, Helga, Gertrude and Mary Jane ·To name a girl for her father - Martha and Emmet L. Smith named their daughter Emmie Dell, “after her father” ·Daughters - #1, Ushi (ox), #2, Ling (delicate), #3, Meiying (beautiful flower). Wonder who’srepparttar 150197 “workhorse” in that family? ·To callrepparttar 150198 first son Thomas andrepparttar 150199 second son Jimmy … even when they’re 36 and 34 years old ·Children with “equal” given names who are introduced as – “This is Susanna and this is Tiny”; “He’s Billy, and well, we call him King Tut”; “This is Alison, and this is Maria, and over there is The Princess of Quite-a-Lot”

It wouldn’t hurt to look uprepparttar 150200 meanings ofrepparttar 150201 names you’re considering and see if these are attributes you would consciously wish your child to have. Here’s one site: .

Names seem to fall into 4 categories: 1.Made up name (or spelling) - Kymburlee, Aquanetta (yes, there is a child with that name) 2.Attributes. Many are war-oriented and aggressive, like Walter (mighty warrior) but some are positive, though limiting, like Kurt (courteous) or Aretha (best), and some are lamentable, like Claudia (lame), Cecil (blind), or (for heaven’s sake) Meklorka, (Norse for “a deaf and mute concubine”), 3.Neutral – Susan (lily), Hadley (heath-covered meadow), and Kelly (farm byrepparttar 150202 spring) 4.Spiritual (for want of a better word) - Hannah (Grace of God) and Mustafa (one of Prophet Muhammed’s names), Godfried (God’s peace)

I hear many young parents these days who are concerned about having a more peaceful world, in which case they might consider naming their children Alison (noble, kind) and Fred (peace) rather than Chad (warlike) or Louise (famous warrior).

“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. Well, many things, so name yourself Shannon (wise) or Conrad (wise counselor) when you name your child. It’s something they’ll have for a very long time, and they’ll likely be trying to live up to it!

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