Fashion and beauty for your Destination Wedding

Written by Pamela Stevenson

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Check with your airline for advice on transporting your wedding outfits. Some recommend that they should be boxed or packed into separate suitcases. They will then be placed intorepparttar hold. Others suggest that you use suit carriers and, space permitting, they will be hung inrepparttar 146863 cabin ofrepparttar 146864 aircraft. Outfits can always be carried as hand luggage but this will restrict you to keepingrepparttar 146865 rest of your hand luggage to a minimum.

As soon as you arrive at your hotel, unpack your wedding outfits and hang them up. A warm and humid tropical climate should allow creases to fall out naturally. However, your hotel or your wedding coordinator can normally arrange for your outfits to be steamed if necessary. Alternatively, hang clothes in a steam-filled bathroom which will helprepparttar 146866 creases drop out.

Hair and beauty Hair and beauty treatments can be arranged when you arrive at your hotel, or you might even decide to book things before you arrive. If your hotel does not have these facilities, ask whether there is somewhere you can visit nearby. For total peace of mind, practice styling your own hair and make-up before setting off.

You're likely to want to have a healthy tan on your wedding day, but basking inrepparttar 146867 sun beforerepparttar 146868 wedding isn't a good idea. As well as damaging your skin, you runrepparttar 146869 risk of looking more like a lobster than a sun-kissed bride. Pace your sunbathing onrepparttar 146870 run-up to your wedding or help nature along with a good quality fake tan. If you're doing your own fake tan, be sure to practise well in advance.

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Speaking Your Truth to Your Partner

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Linda was shocked. She had no idea all this was going on with Mark. She thought she wasrepparttar only one feeling so unloved inrepparttar 146862 relationship. At first she reacted exactly as Mark feared, with anger, hurt, and blame. But he told herrepparttar 146863 truth about this too – that he had been afraid to be truthful with her because of this reaction, and that if she wantedrepparttar 146864 truth, she need to be open to it rather than closed and angry. Finally Linda heard him and they were able to talk honestly forrepparttar 146865 first time in years. Linda was actually relieved at hearingrepparttar 146866 truth, once she got overrepparttar 146867 initial shock and they were able to talk. She agreed to counseling.

In counseling, Mark discovered that Linda also had been afraid to be honest with Mark, fearing that he would withdraw even more. She was just as afraid of his withdrawal as he was of her anger. They discovered that both of them had been protecting against their fears rather than being open to learning with each other. As they both opened to learning,repparttar 146868 love gradually came back into their relationship.

People often believe that they are withholding their truth to spare their partner pain, but their real intent is to protect themselves fromrepparttar 146869 response they fear. Protecting against pain – with anger, withdrawal, and blame - will always bring aboutrepparttar 146870 very pain we fear, while opening to learning and speaking our truth opensrepparttar 146871 door to love.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D. is the best-selling author and co-author of eight books, including "Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?" She is the co-creator of the powerful Inner Bonding healing process. Visit her web site for a FREE Inner Bonding course: or email her at

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