Fashion Trends for Winter 2002 and Summer 2003

Written by Margot B

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Forrepparttar face: clean face, dark brows, light eye makeup for daytime or smoky eye makeup for evening, glossed lips or red lips, hair messy and in-the-face or French twist with messy front, otherwise it looks very prissy/matronly.

In young women’s wear we see designs ofrepparttar 125552 60s and 70s, in pre-washed denim and embroidery. Country-style blouses are still very popular, but with a more North African look or with a touch of India: djellabas, sahari jackets, cloaks with hoods, and caftans. The Latin-Cuban tropical look is in style, with soft fabrics in dark, sharp colours - with bare shoulders and descended necklines. 'In' is beading and embroidery on crocheted, knitted, woven or a mix of fabrics. Sexy denim pants and skirts [some with lace insets] worn with lace-trimmed tops that were stylish inrepparttar 125553 1980s.

A favourite for young women isrepparttar 125554 black off-the-shoulder sweat jacket with ivory lace pockets; soft colored tweeds — blue, gray, brown and butter yellow on simple and sometimes 1950s-style pieces, including a yellow tweed "swing" coat with a brown knee-length circle skirt and a gray tweed short trench jacket with a matching flared mid-length skirt; silk sand-washed crepe pieces in turquoise and cream; a blue patchwork leather dress and maxi-coat, and a romantic group of cream-colored long, layered skirts; sheer blouses; and leather corsets worn over ruched leggings.

In men’s fashion,repparttar 125555 Russian army orrepparttar 125556 bullfighter's costume is in. For men’s and women's jackets we see knitted items and casual wear, targetingrepparttar 125557 medium-to-high market. Denim-with-leather jackets are popular.  Men's fashions will be in warm-weather fabrics of poplin, cotton and seersucker, with pale colours for summer 2003.

White and bleached will be everywhere and in every sub-shade: white, off-white, natural, ivory or antique white and in most materials. The "monsoon" look, inspired by over-dyed denim and drill, also including batiks and checks in greens and blue-greens promises to be popular as well asrepparttar 125558 ‘Latin Dandy’ look, aimed at nonchalance: panama hats, linen and linen blends, in a retro version with dark colours, dusty, pale shades and stripes that grandfathers wore.

  Also popular is ‘comfort wear’ in tweed coats, dark-washed, sand-caked jeans, cuffed leather pants, easy-fitting sweaters, and leather-patched coats; and casual jeans and T-shirt-style looks.

Underwear has to be casual and cool: men are wearing more boxer shorts with placement designs in silk, polyester and cotton also being worn as swimwear or sleeping wear. Stylish are movie characters such as Spiderman or The Simpsons - and women are into a sporty, casual look. Highlighted is men's and ladies' seamless underwear - like a second skin in 100% cotton and 100% silk as well as fabric mixes with Nylon, Spandex, Polyester and Lycra.  

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Aromas to Improve Your Work Commute

Written by Francoise Rapp

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