Fantastic Fruit

Written by Bob Bassett

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Besides being tasty, a fruit gift basket is also amongrepparttar healthier options for food gift baskets. If you know someone who is careful about eating well, they will appreciate your thoughtful choice in gifts. Fruit is also a great choice for families with children, rather than a basket of sweets or cookies, and can be enjoyed by everyone unlike more adult choices such as caviar or wine.

A fruit gift basket is both decorative and delicious. Recipients will be delighted both withrepparttar 141589 appearance andrepparttar 141590 thought behind such a lovely gift. In addition, with people becoming ever more health conscious, a fruit basket is a guilt-free gift thatrepparttar 141591 whole family can enjoy.

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The Delight of Coffee Shop Diners!

Written by Randy Wilson

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But why have these pieces of Americana lasted nearly 150 years? Maybe itís their inexpensive but tasty menus. Although some people coin coffee shop diners ďgreasy spoons,Ērepparttar food is normally far from greasy and can actually be quite good.

When you walk into a diner, thereís a sense of welcome and community. There isnít an ounce of pretension; itís just classic American food and people. And donít forgetrepparttar 141263 bottomless pots of coffees, just waiting to top off your cup.

Coffee shop diners are best known for their coffees and breakfast fares. Donít stop by a diner expecting to order a Grande Mocha Hazelnut Latte, No Sugar and Skim Milk, without being laughed outrepparttar 141264 door.

Their coffees are served fresh and hot and black. If you want cream and/or sugar, check your table forrepparttar 141265 little packets. Breakfast is usually served roundrepparttar 141266 clock, and itís not made up of croissants and pastries.

Itís a classic American breakfast Ė eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and everything else that makes breakfastrepparttar 141267 best meal ofrepparttar 141268 day.

Most diners are family owned and operated, with Mom & Pop behindrepparttar 141269 counter taking orders and filling plates.

This helps lend torepparttar 141270 homey, comfy feel ofrepparttar 141271 diners. No one is a stranger, even if youíre just passing through. Expect to hear stories bandied about as people guzzle their coffee and savor their meals.

When it comes right down to it, coffee shop diners are a throwback to days gone by. By stepping inrepparttar 141272 door, you feel like you may have been transported back in time.

As you toss back your coffee, you feelrepparttar 141273 warmth ofrepparttar 141274 place seep into your bones and know that this is what Americana is all about.

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