Fancy Dress Parties

Written by Ian Wide

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Concepts and ideas were also likely to appear inrepparttar form of costumes to be worn at fancy dress parties. Seasons and holidays were popular choices. Creativity allowed ladies to makeover costumes used for prior occasions to suit their whimsy for an upcoming fancy dress party. With justrepparttar 143332 addition of a few trimmings, an otherwise ordinary gown could be transformed into a representation of anythingrepparttar 143333 lady wished.

Today fancy dress parties are not as popular as they were duringrepparttar 143334 height ofrepparttar 143335 Victorian era. The opportunity to dress as your favorite historical character, or any character for that matter, has unfortunately often been relegated to Halloween. Should you have an upcoming event to celebrate, or just want an excuse to get some friends together, why not consider throwing a good old fashioned fancy dress party? Chances are you have justrepparttar 143336 right ensemble inrepparttar 143337 back of your closet that can be reworked with a few embellishments to formrepparttar 143338 perfect costume.

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14 Things I've Learned From Country Music

Written by Emily Sigers

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9) Men are two-timin', back-stabbin', double-crossin', cheating, lying jerks.

10) So are women.

11) You should never, never, never under any circumstances let your significant other go into a bar alone. 'Cause something's gonna happen.

12) Men should drive trucks. And women should ride in them. In white tank tops.

13) Work sucks.

14) Life onrepparttar farm isn't so bad.

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