Fancy Colour Diamonds – Diamonds Come In All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Written by Caroline O'Shaughnessy

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Naturally coloured diamonds are used in all manner of diamond rings, earrings, and other diamond jewelry. A Fancy diamond can be cut inrepparttar same way as a white diamond and there is once again quite a demand for desirable fancy diamonds. Canary yellow and pink diamonds are especially popular in today’s market, but diamonds of all colours are available. Lab enhanced diamonds will cost much less than naturally coloured diamonds, butrepparttar 142124 colour may fade over time. Diamonds that are naturally fancy will retain their colour forever.

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Create a Story Book with Your Child

Written by Susanne Myers

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Ask your child to namerepparttar main characters and encourage them to describe what they look like, what clothes they are wearing and where they are. You’ll be surprised how quickly they will come up with a story line from there. Encourage them alongrepparttar 142123 way.

If your child is old enough to write, have her writerepparttar 142124 story herself as you go along creating it. Offer to take turns if she is still new at writing. Otherwise, write it down for her.

Have fun decorating or illustratingrepparttar 142125 story.

Start your next creative writing afternoon by reading some ofrepparttar 142126 stories you have already created. Give your childrepparttar 142127 option to either continue withrepparttar 142128 same set of characters or to come up with some new ones. Before long you will have an entire book of stories that you will both treasure for a long time.

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