Family Pride

Written by Pastor Ellen

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But take heart! Jesus knows we all love our families and wantrepparttar best for them. He will enable us to continue loving them yet transfer our first love to Him. How? One step at a time! We shift gears by first saying it; then confirming it with our families; and finally being able to demonstrate it, one situation at a time. It's not a natural thing to say and do. Yet with Jesus: God first, family next, and then church, will become a litany as natural as breathing and eating. Let's give our families to Jesus! He know best, just like Father knows best!

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Pastor Ellen grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and attended local schools there: Turnbull Elementary, College Park Middle School, San Mateo High School, and Stanford University. She has two masters' degrees from Teachers College Columbia University and San Francisco Theological Seminary.


Written by Terry Dashner

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As a pastor with years of experience in local church ministry, may I share some observations? The older I get,repparttar more Iím convinced thatrepparttar 142920 greatest force, power, and impact a Christian can have on another human being is a work of love. Thatís rightónot just abstract love, but love in action is powerful and changes lives. Instead of looking for your gift, start loving people with acts (not just words) of loving-kindness. Melt your enemies withrepparttar 142921 love of God working through you.

Agreed. My love which is human, mortal, and limited comes up short when stretched to my enemies. Thatís when I say, ďLord, love them through me.Ē God wants a surrendered vessel. He wants a vessel that will fill and empty with His love at His prompting. God wants to pour Himself throughrepparttar 142922 believer to reachrepparttar 142923 world. What say you? Will you be His vessel? His love is powerful and changes lives forever.

Keeprepparttar 142924 faith. Stayrepparttar 142925 course. Jesus is coming soon and very soon.

Pastor T.


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