Familiarizing Yourself with Oral Chelation

Written by Mike Spencer

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In addition to marketable products, certain professions also provide exposure to lead contaminants. Among these are potters, battery makers, lab workers, welders, engravers, medical professionals and hairdressers, to name a few.

With so much emphasis being placed on good heart health today, oral chelation has become a real necessity for regular health maintenance. Even if youíre not among those who are in one ofrepparttar high-risk professions, youíre still exposed to harmful contaminants on a regular basis and should consider this as an agent for reducing arterial plaque.

Since lead and other toxic threats can berepparttar 143486 catalyst for physical and mental illnesses, EDTA should be integrated into your health program in order to ridrepparttar 143487 body of those agents which are already present, as well as to avoid any build-up inrepparttar 143488 future.

EDTA can be purchased online and in a variety of health stores or alternative medicine sections of some supermarkets and specialty shops. Those with a history of heart ailments, diabetes and other significant illnesses in their history should consult with their physician before attempting to use EDTA. Though everyone can benefit fromrepparttar 143489 removal of toxins from their body, your physician will be able to tell you whether or not it will interruptrepparttar 143490 effectiveness of any medications that you may currently be taking.

Mike Spencer has been helping people protect their health for many years. To find out how you can help protect your heart and prevent heart disease with oral chelation visit mikes site at: http://www.oral-chelation-reviews.com

Buying A Treadmill? 3 Common Buying Myths

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

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FACT: Donít be fooled by a peak duty motor rating - always ask forrepparttar continuous duty motor rating. Remember thatrepparttar 143485 motor isrepparttar 143486 most expensive part ofrepparttar 143487 treadmill to fix, so you want to get a good one!

Myth #3) 'To findrepparttar 143488 best buy, I just have to compare treadmill features.'

Findingrepparttar 143489 best treadmill is only partially about comparing treadmill features. It's also about considering your own workout needs. Many people don't consider their own unique needs before choosing a treadmill. That's a great way to learn - but it's also expensive.

So you found a well-made treadmill for $999. But have you consideredrepparttar 143490 fact that you're 6 feet tall and that treadbelt is only 52Ē long?

So you came across a bargain for $1299: a 2.5 HP motor and lots of workout programs. But have you considerrepparttar 143491 fact that your extra large son will be running on it andrepparttar 143492 weight capacity is only 200 lbs?

When shopping for a treadmill, many people fall intorepparttar 143493 trap of ONLY looking at treadmills and never looking at themselves orrepparttar 143494 needs of their families.

For example, are you tall or do you plan to run on your treadmill? Then you need to make surerepparttar 143495 treadbelt is at least 55".

Are you, or is someone in your household a little onrepparttar 143496 sturdy side? Then itís probably best to get a treadmill especially built to take heavier weights.

Do you have back problems? Then if you want a folding treadmill, it might be better to purchase one with a power folding option so that you can reducerepparttar 143497 strain of heavy lifting.

FACT: Findingrepparttar 143498 best treadmill involves comparing treadmill features AND considering your own personal workout needs.

Regardless of which treadmill you choose - try to steer clear of these common buying myths and you'll save yourself a load of grief (and a ton of money!)

Kathryn O'Neill is a nutrition specialist and contributing writer for Buying A Treadmill.com For more information on how to choose the best treadmill for you visit http://www.buyingatreadmill.com

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