Fall Flowering Bulbs

Written by Linda Jenkinson

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The dahlia, which grows from a tuber, is a beautiful late-summer flower that blooms untilrepparttar first frost. Blooms can range from button to dinner-plate size in virtually every color except solid blue. As all fall flower bulbs, they are easy to plant and easy to care for, requiring only that you lift them inrepparttar 140370 fall for winter storage.

Colchicums are perhapsrepparttar 140371 best known but least planted fall flower bulbs. They are unique in that they only need sunlight to grow and will bloom sitting on your potting bench or even on your kitchen table! Large flowers, resemblingrepparttar 140372 crocus, are typically pink. Although they need soil to make roots and foliage, becauserepparttar 140373 bulb must be planted partly exposed, colchicums are a target for snails and slugs, which will peelrepparttar 140374 bulbs like an onion.

The saffron crocus is a fall flower bulb that does double duty in your flower garden. Lilac flowers displayrepparttar 140375 burnt orange-red stigmas that arerepparttar 140376 source ofrepparttar 140377 spice, saffron. The flowers only last for two days. Pickrepparttar 140378 stigmas onrepparttar 140379 second day, air dry them and you have just harvested flower and fruit gardening guides homegrown saffron to season your dishes.

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Choosing the Right Garden Furniture

Written by Johann Erickson

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Teak is an extremely durable, tight-grained hardwood, that is not only strong, but extremely attractive, and comes in a range of natural shades. The rubber and natural oil content provide extra protection against fungus that can set in whenrepparttar wood is wet for prolonged periods. It’s so impervious torepparttar 140033 weather, that some people leave their garden furniture outside, year-round without covers. Natural teak that is relatively “new”, has a sheen fromrepparttar 140034 oils released inrepparttar 140035 cutting ofrepparttar 140036 wood. This disappears after a few days outdoors, and unfinished teak that is left to age, will turn a lovely, silvery-gray color. At that point, it may look as if it needs paint, but paint is not likely to adhere properly, due torepparttar 140037 natural oil content ofrepparttar 140038 wood.

Mahogany is more a choice for indoor than garden furniture, but it certainly adds a touch of class torepparttar 140039 patio. Known for its strength and weather-resistance, this hardwood produced inrepparttar 140040 tropics is naturally resistant to rot, insects and fungus. The natural color ranges from a rich, deep brown, allrepparttar 140041 way up through deep, dark reds and even sometimes to a purplish tinge. There is minimal shrinkage with weathering, and if you choose to put some maintenance work into it, instead of leaving it to weather on its own, try regular applications of a water-repellant.

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