Faith Building 101A

Written by Arthur Levine

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Wouldn’t You Like to Feel Good About Yourself?

Learning how to express your newfound faith can help make you feel wonderful. It can help you feel like a worthwhile person. Wouldn’t you like to feel good about yourself? You can when you declare yourself a person of faith. Take positive action.

Learn How To Cope With The Troubled Times We Live In.

Once you learn to express your faith and declare yourself a person of faith, you will find peace of mind. You will be able to cope withrepparttar troubles of our times. You will begin to feel more secure. You will begin to feel better about your life.

You Can Find Your Faith and Feel More Secure.

When you find your faith you will start to have peace of mind. You will begin to realize that only God can control what happens in your life. You will begin to believe in what is beyond our power to understand. You will begin to use your imagination.

Little Leaps of Faith You Can Take to Help You Find Peace of Mind.

You can start by being kind, caring and loving. You can takerepparttar 147664 ‘little leap’ of faith that confirms that sometimes it takes a little fantasy to unlock our imaginations so that we may learn to believe in what we cannot see or understand. Stop patching yourself together with temporary quick fixes and get a patch of faith – a Magic Pill for what ails you. Couldn’t you use a little magic in your life right now?

Learn How to Become a Person of Faith.

Takerepparttar 147665 ‘little leaps’ of faith necessary to help you become a person of faith. Learn how to build your faith to help protect you from acts of terrorism and natural disasters. Learn to have faith inrepparttar 147666 future. Couldn’t you use a little more faith today?

Arthur Levine is the author of The Magic of Faith.

The Kabbalah of Love: Part One

Written by Shifra Hendrie

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In truth, despite my example, you are not a puppet. You are created inrepparttar image of G-d. You are invested with conscious awareness andrepparttar 147614 power to choose.

You can choose to relate to yourself only withinrepparttar 147615 context of your limited ‘role’;repparttar 147616 specific circumstances, struggles and goals of your daily life. You can believe, or at any rate live, as if that isrepparttar 147617 whole picture. This is like identifying withrepparttar 147618 appearance and role ofrepparttar 147619 puppet and withrepparttar 147620 script of whatever play is being acted out today.

Or you can choose to look deeper, seeing throughrepparttar 147621 limits of your ego-based identity and immediate life circumstances torepparttar 147622 Creative Divine spark that makes you live.

So what’s this got to do with love?

Back to my experience. I didn’t know who I was, much less whorepparttar 147623 man was. I was disconnected from all stories, agendas, past and future. I was disassociated from my identity,repparttar 147624 puppet. Butrepparttar 147625 love –repparttar 147626 leaping of my heart, my essence, to connect with another, was very, very real.

That’s because love is an indelible part ofrepparttar 147627 landscape ofrepparttar 147628 soul. Likerepparttar 147629 spark within a flintstone - invisible but unextinguishable -repparttar 147630 spark of pure unconditional love is concealed but infinitely present withinrepparttar 147631 essence of every one of us.

Kabbalah often comparesrepparttar 147632 soul torepparttar 147633 flame of a candle. Just as a flame is always reaching up, trying to reconnect with its source inrepparttar 147634 supernal fire, atrepparttar 147635 pure heart of all love and yearning isrepparttar 147636 soul’s passionate desire to reconnect with its Divine Source.

Within every human being who walksrepparttar 147637 face of this earth, there is a pure spark ofrepparttar 147638 Divine Source of us all. Just as we’re drawn to connect with our Source, we are drawn to connect with that spark. Your own pure essence is seeking to connect withrepparttar 147639 pure essence and spark of another.

As long as you identify exclusively withrepparttar 147640 puppet, i.e. your limited ego-based identity,repparttar 147641 love that you experience will be limited as well. You will allow yourself to embrace only that which reinforces your ego, helps you meet your ‘survival’ needs, and protects you from a frightening sense of vulnerability. This level of love, although very human and an integral part of most relationships, is conditional and agenda-based.

But when you identify withrepparttar 147642 Divinity within yourself,repparttar 147643 part beyondrepparttar 147644 stories and agendas, you create an opening for your essence. This automatically creates an opening forrepparttar 147645 essence of others. And wherever essence touches essence – love – authentic love - becomes revealed.

Making it real:

There are two basic paths to creating this opening, and both are important:

CREATE AN OPENING: Challengerepparttar 147646 limiting boundaries of your identity by doing things that take you out of your comfort zone. It’s especially important to do this in your relationships. For example: allow yourself to be vulnerable, let someone else be right, listen to understand instead of to be understood, open yourself to a new point of view, give generously of your resources even when it feels hard.

FILL YOURSELF WITH LIGHT: Nurture your inner spark by doing things that connect you with G-d and your own soul, a higher, truer plane of reality. Communicate with your Creator from your heart. Get more deeply acquainted with G-d’s perspective and your soul’s mission by learning, absorbing and integratingrepparttar 147647 deep, powerful light of Authentic Kabbalah. Give charity and practice kindness. Watch for your messages and for opportunities to make a difference.

All of these things will help you to expandrepparttar 147648 limits of who you know yourself to be and create an opening and channel for your essence to express itself.

© Shifra Hendrie, Kabbalah of Transformation,

*Sincerepparttar 147649 Torah forbidsrepparttar 147650 erasing of G-d’s name, it’s customary to avoid writing it out in full.

Shifra Hendrie is a professional life coach who works with spiritually-minded people to create breakthrough results in their lives, businesses and relationships. She uses a unique combination of profound spiritual wisdom and cutting edge coaching techniques. TO DOWNLOAD SHIFRA’S FASCINATING NEW BOOK, “Seven Kabbalah Secrets that Can Change Your Life”, free for a limited time only, go to

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