Fairies and Mental Health

Written by Skye Thomas

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Are you dependant on them? What I mean by this is that if they are an emotional security blanket then you've probably made them up in your mind. Real guardian angels and such are here to help you to believe in yourself, not to make you completely dependant on them for your every thing. If you can't make a personal decision without your guides and they allow that kind of neediness, then they aren't real. If you require they're presence in order to create your art, play your music, or to write your great masterpiece, then chances are you don't have enough self-esteem and you created a third party in your mind to giverepparttar credit to. That's notrepparttar 122278 same as occasionally co-creating with them but being able to also work independently. If you are unable to do your spiritual works or offer your gifts torepparttar 122279 world without their assistance, then they are probably not real.

Finally, upon meeting withrepparttar 122280 spirits and building a strong mentally healthy relationship with them where neither is a control freak bossingrepparttar 122281 other around and both are free to come and go as they please. Thenrepparttar 122282 last thing to consider isrepparttar 122283 impact thatrepparttar 122284 relationship has on you. Are you called to do some sort of spiritual work? Are you shown how to give some kind of a gift of love torepparttar 122285 world whether it's music, writing, speaking, art, cleaning uprepparttar 122286 planet or whatever else? Most people who come into contact withrepparttar 122287 divine find themselves with some sort of an undying need to spread love and joy aroundrepparttar 122288 planet. Real angels, fairies, and spirit guides teach us how to give our greatest gifts torepparttar 122289 world. They empower us withrepparttar 122290 self belief that we have always had whatever is needed to make a difference inrepparttar 122291 world. Ifrepparttar 122292 relationship isn't spiritual and inspirational, then it's doubtful that it's really spirit guides or angels that you're talking to.

It is universally understood thatrepparttar 122293 angels, fairies, spirit guides, or whatever other name your culture gives to those messengers of love and light, it is understood that they come from God. Again, it doesn't matter if you call it God, Mother Nature,repparttar 122294 Light,repparttar 122295 Force or whatever name you like. These little spirits are divine helpers fromrepparttar 122296 heavens come to cheer you on and to help you find a spiritually divine path. They are not owned by us and cannot be bossed around. They have no control over us and cannot boss us around without our consent. They can work amazing magic when co-creating with us, but they are here to show you your own magic andrepparttar 122297 divinity within you. Once that's done, they tend to slip back intorepparttar 122298 shadows to allow you to shine your own light on your little corner ofrepparttar 122299 world.

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Skye Thomas is the CEO of Tomorrow's Edge, an Internet leader in inspiring leaps of faith. Her books and articles have inspired people of all ages and faiths to recommit themselves to the pursuit of happiness. After years of high heels and business clothes, she is currently enjoying working from home in her pajamas. To read more of her articles, sign up to receive her free weekly newsletter, and get free previews of her books go to www.TomorrowsEdge.net.

New Psychic site sets a new standard on the internet

Written by Nicholas Smith

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The Psychic Guild has combinedrepparttar talents of some ofrepparttar 122277 most sought after Psychics and Mystics and is one ofrepparttar 122278 first sites to offer global access to its service. Some ofrepparttar 122279 other services available are email and chat room psychic readings, free astrology and horoscope reports as well as monthly features providing information on areas such as travel destinations, health and wellbeing and motivational tips. A part I especially liked withrepparttar 122280 site wasrepparttar 122281 ability to send in experiences and articles you have as well as read those that others had sent in.

Nicholas has been invlovled with psychics for more than 20 years and has been researching psychics and assosiated metaphysical information to build the site for over 3 years

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