Failure Is Not Final

Written by Josh Hinds

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The next time you find yourself faced with something that doesn't go as planned takerepparttar time to ponder what happened. Gain knowledge fromrepparttar 123982 experience that you can apply so that things work out betterrepparttar 123983 next time around.

Success in most everything comes from an ongoing commitment to learning and applying what you learn. Our shortcomings can offer up valuable experiences when we choose to view them as lessons as opposed to failures.

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The Magic of the Night Sky

Written by Mike Moore

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When sleep begins to engulf me and my eyes start to close, I reluctantly move toward my camper not wanting to miss a moment of this celestial display but realizing that I can’’t resistrepparttar call to slumber any longer. Inrepparttar 123981 warmth of my sleeping bag I letrepparttar 123982 silence and stillness lull me to sleep withrepparttar 123983 immortal words of Sophocles gently echoing acrossrepparttar 123984 centuries, ““ Mortal I know I am, short lived. Yet whenever I stand beneath a multitude of swirling stars I no longer tread this earth, but rise to feast with God and enjoyrepparttar 123985 food ofrepparttar 123986 immortals.”” And so to sleep.

Mike Moore is an international speaker and writer on human potential and humor. You are invited to check out his books, tapes, special reports and manuals at E-mail: Author's URL:

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