"Fahrenheit 911" Wins Round One

Written by Arthur Zulu

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Let us exit Jerusalem and come back to Cannes in Southern France. Our movie winner is all smiles before a battery of cameras inrepparttar midst ofrepparttar 125981 ovation atrepparttar 125982 end of his speech. And they slap his back. And they give him a fat check. He has won Round One. But hererepparttar 125983 story ends. Because there are suddenly no distributors for his movie in America until now. The reason is inrepparttar 125984 theme ofrepparttar 125985 movie: an attack of George Bush's American foreign policy before and after 9/11. Why wouldrepparttar 125986 movie get distributors? Who doesn't want to win an election? Thank God,repparttar 125987 pope isn't in charge in America. Otherwiserepparttar 125988 movie icon would have gonerepparttar 125989 way of William Tyndale.

But before "Fahrenheit 911," I had written CHASING SHADOWS1 to warn that all those fightingrepparttar 125990 war on terror are living inrepparttar 125991 land of Prester John. That wonderland does not exist. It lives only inrepparttar 125992 mind ofrepparttar 125993 dreamers. Not real dreamers likerepparttar 125994 Biblical Joseph. But dreamers like Don Quixote. Orrepparttar 125995 natives of Sir Thomas More's "Utopia." Who was that author who wroterepparttar 125996 book, "Erewhon"? Never mindrepparttar 125997 name though. Just try re-arrangingrepparttar 125998 anagram beginning withrepparttar 125999 last letter. What do you get? ‘No Where.'

Inrepparttar 126000 end,repparttar 126001 real winners in this war against terror will not be a president or a war general. Neither will it berepparttar 126002 movie star in Cannes Southern France, nor a Pulitzer winner in America orrepparttar 126003 winner ofrepparttar 126004 Booker in London giving acceptance speeches amidst a thundering applause.

Butrepparttar 126005 actual winners of Round Two will be those faceless ‘terrorists' in caves trying to draw attention torepparttar 126006 injustice and oppression in this world. The sad part is that when terrorists win, there are no ovations. No acceptance speeches. No back slaps. No prize monies. No Fahrenheit thermometers. But only funeral parlors. The pallbearers. Wailing women. And good-byes.

ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, andrepparttar 126007 author ofrepparttar 126008 controversial book, CHASING SHADOWS! (A book that revealsrepparttar 126009 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126010 world on fire.) For a copy ofrepparttar 126011 book and free excerpt, goto: http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/21013 For contacts, mailto: mostcontroversialwriter@yahoo.com

Arthur Zulu is the author of CHASING SHADOWS!

Moving America Backwards: Censoring Michael Moore

Written by Scott C. Smith

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And what’srepparttar compelling reason forrepparttar 125980 movie theaters not to showrepparttar 125981 movie? Melanie Morgan explained to James Carville: “What we are doing is trying to make sure that there is an alternative voice to Michael Moore. He has received millions of dollars and free publicity overrepparttar 125982 last free weeks about this movie, on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, you name it, he's been everywhere…But not one single ordinary American has been able to stand up and say, ‘Hey, we don't appreciate that crap that is being aimed at our troops because we support our troops, we love our troops, they're friends, families, brothers and sisters, and we're going to be there for them.’”

A pretty amazing analysis based on nothing, since Morgan has not seenrepparttar 125983 film, but has read articles in newspapers to really zero in on Michael Moore’s “true” intentions.

Also, does a movie really need an “alternative voice”? Isn’t that voice going to be provided by conservative talk radio, in conservative newspapers, and on conservative web sites, like World Net Daily or Free Republic? Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity combined have millions of listeners. Surely they will offer up that all-important alternative Morgan is complaining about. Also, why wouldn’t “ordinary” Americans be able to say they don’t like a movie they haven’t seen, or will see? You know they’re going to show up atrepparttar 125984 movie theaters with their signs and their rage atrepparttar 125985 “Bash America” filmmaker, Michael Moore, getting inrepparttar 125986 way of movie theater patrons who will userepparttar 125987 power of their own brains to decide if Moore’s message is valid.

And Mike, well, I’ll bet he’s having a good chuckle over all of this attention, especially since Move America Forward’s efforts will result in increased ticket sales. There’s nothing like a good, pointless boycott of a film you’ve never seen that will result in more people seeingrepparttar 125988 movie than if there had been no boycott.

I know I’ll be there, joining up with my fellow “Blame America First” liberals, while Michael Moore laughs allrepparttar 125989 way torepparttar 125990 bank. Well, Move America Forward, there’s always lots of books to boycott atrepparttar 125991 local public library, ifrepparttar 125992 Michael Moore boycott doesn’t work out.

Aboutrepparttar 125993 author: Scott C. Smith is a writer from Beaverton, Oregon. His column has appeared weekly atrepparttar 125994 Democratic Underground and other progressive web sites. In addition to his column, Scott writes for his web site, What’s In Scott’s Head, at www.scottcsmith.net. Scott is a proud member ofrepparttar 125995 Blame America First crowd.

Scott C. Smith is a writer from Beaverton, Oregon. His columns have appeared weekly at the Democratic Underground and other progressive web sites. In addition to his column, Scott writes for his web site, What’s In Scott’s Head, at www.scottcsmith.net. Scott is a proud member of the Blame America First crowd.

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