Facts About FACTA, Or What Does FACTA Mean To You And Your Company

Written by Steve Mueller

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That's a scary thought! What if an employee claims that their information was stolen throughrepparttar actions of your company, but thereís no real proof to back it up? You will end up hiring (or using) an attorney to represent and defend you and your company in court. At $200 - $400/hour for most attorneys acrossrepparttar 140970 United States, how long can you afford to defend your company?

So what can you do?

One solution that would at least provide an affirmative defense againstrepparttar 140971 fines, fees, and lawsuits you could incur as an employer, is to offer some sort of Identity Theft protection as a benefit to your employees.

As an employer, you can choose whether or not to pay for this added benefit. However,repparttar 140972 most important thing you can do is to makerepparttar 140973 protection available, and have an employee meeting, to help employees understand Identity Theft andrepparttar 140974 protection that you are making available to them. When you makerepparttar 140975 protection available, and when your employees have been educated onrepparttar 140976 dangers of Identity Theft, they can either elect to have identity theft coverage as a benefit, or they can declinerepparttar 140977 coverage as a benefit.

Ifrepparttar 140978 employee has Identity Theft coverage and becomes a victim, it is beneficial to your business, because an employee with Identity Theft coverage will be notified immediately ofrepparttar 140979 theft, spend less time, less money, and will experience less frustration while trying to have their information restored. This will get them back onrepparttar 140980 job and focused on work more quickly.

Ifrepparttar 140981 employee declinesrepparttar 140982 coverage, and later claims thatrepparttar 140983 information was stolen as a result of you or your companyís actions, you have a piece of paper, with their signature, saying that they attendedrepparttar 140984 presentation and declinedrepparttar 140985 coverage.

Choosing to not make Identity Theft coverage available leaves you exposed to an unlimited dollar amount that you can be sued for under civil liability, federal fines of up to $2,500.00 per employee per incident, and state fines of up to $1,000.00 per employee per incident.

Recommended course of action? Have a benefits consultant who offers an Identity Theft protection plan present to your employees. Help them set up a 20 minute presentation with your employees, and make it mandatory that all employees attend. You want your employees to be protected from this awful crime. If they choose not to be, but youíve givenrepparttar 140986 option of being protected, thenrepparttar 140987 liability becomes theirs, not yours, when they become a victim of identity theft.

Steve Mueller has over 25 years of human resource experience. He has worked in various fields of human resources; as a Trainer for Cooper Industries, Compensation and Management Development Manager for Zenith Electronics, Plant Personnel Manager for a motor manufacturing company and Benefits Manager for a multi-location distribution company. Steve holds a bachelors of science degree in education from Pittsburg State University.

Examining What Auto Accidents Are

Written by Mart Gil Abareta

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As we all know, an automobile accident with large trucks and tractor trailer can cause personal injury, permanent damage, or even death. In such case, there are many things that might happen torepparttar carís passengers:repparttar 140947 head or neck can be thrown in a windshield,repparttar 140948 hip or knee can strike a dashboard, and interior organ can hitrepparttar 140949 interior surfaces ofrepparttar 140950 body. They can also be driven out ofrepparttar 140951 automobile and can bounce around it ifrepparttar 140952 impact ofrepparttar 140953 collision is really strong. After all, an injury caused by a car accident can really be serious. Therefore,repparttar 140954 need for a competent legal counsel is really necessary in automobile accidents.

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