Facing DVD Software Dilemma? It's brainlessly simple.

Written by David D. Deprice

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DVD Region+CSS Free enables you to watch and copy any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive! It fully supports region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives, and does not require any firmware modifications. It will even work if you have used up your region counter and can no longer changerepparttar DVD drive's region.

4. WinAVI Video Converter http://www.deprice.com/winavivc.htm

WinAVI Video Converter is a nice tool for converting video clips to an assortment of formats. The attractive, modern interface features large, clearly labeled icons, so you won't have to dig throughrepparttar 146069 menus very often. You can convert a variety of file types to WMV, AVI, MPEG, and RM. Other notable pluses include a built-in DVD-burning utility, a batch-conversion tool, and a preview pane.

5. DVDFab Express http://www.deprice.com/dvdfabexpress.htm

DVDFab Express is simplyrepparttar 146070 easiest way to copy a DVD movie. Just insertrepparttar 146071 movie and a blank DVD then press Start. Your entire movie - including menus, trailers and special features - is copied to a single DVD with just one click, and everything happens automatically.

David D. Deprice has honest, no BS, tell it like it is DVD software reviews posted at http://www.deprice.com/multimedia.htm

DVD The Ultimate Consumer Digital Media

Written by Jay Corrao

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Conservative estimates as torepparttar longevity of DVD are upwards of 35 years or more with proper handling. This is due torepparttar 145083 fact thatrepparttar 145084 only thing that touchesrepparttar 145085 DVD’s surface during playback is a tiny laser beam. Whereas VHS playback requiresrepparttar 145086 use of a mechanical head that actually comes in contact withrepparttar 145087 tape and degradesrepparttar 145088 surface. Now withrepparttar 145089 Advent of D-Skin disc protectors™ which is a plastic cover that can be placed onrepparttar 145090 DVD and left on during playbackrepparttar 145091 durability factor has just increased significantly.

For archiving DVD isrepparttar 145092 ultimate digital media not only because of its compact dimensions and ample storage space; 4.7 GB single sided & 9.4 GB double-sided or dual-layer respectively. But because ofrepparttar 145093 many different kinds of data that can be stored on it. Photos, movies, audio, text, graphics and other media types can all co-exist on a single disc. This kind of versatility is just not possible with any other readily available media.

As forrepparttar 145094 future of DVD; advances in technology will seerepparttar 145095 advent of greater storage capacity, higher video and audio quality, and an ever expanding feature set.

Jay Corrao is the founder and president of Memory Archivers, a video production company based in Apple Valley Minnesota. His company specializes in wedding and event videograpy, video biographies, and consumer digital archiving.

www.memoryarchivers.com jay@memoryarchivers.com

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