Faces of Mom

Written by Vic Peters

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As I grow older I notice that my wife has those same looks that my mom does, and it scares me. I thought I had seen every look that there was to be seen, at least once. I have a mother, I have a wife, and for extra torture in my life God saw to it that I have a thirteen-year-old daughter whose face is ALWAYS twisted into some kind of look or another. Of course, I am wrong about knowing all ofrepparttar looks, but Iím ALWAYS wrong, and old and fat and baldójust ask my daughter. Or donít ask her; sheíll tell you anyway.

I know looks better than most folks, and Iím pretty good at calming down tense situations. Iíd even say that I am an expert. If a woman is sad, I can do a little cheering-up magic, or, atrepparttar 131131 very least, just make her mad enough to want to kick me. Face it: Iím blessed. Butrepparttar 131132 problem with being an expert is that sooner or later youíll get humbled.

There is a certain look on a motherís face that a child will never see, and Iím glad for it. I saw it forrepparttar 131133 first timerepparttar 131134 other day at a funeral, and it nearly broke my heart. Children see allrepparttar 131135 looks that a mother has to offer, except oneóthe one they wear when you die before they do.

I could find no words to speak to this woman, nor could my eyes findrepparttar 131136 courage to stay off ofrepparttar 131137 ground. I wasnít alone inrepparttar 131138 shadow of cowardice, which told me that she was. And though there were others who have shared her experience, she would remain alone. Time would healóthatís whatrepparttar 131139 preacher saidóbut nothing would berepparttar 131140 same. Everyone knows that.

As I consider my own fragile relationship with my mother, it is clear to me that this distance will ultimately separate us. Who of us, I wonder, will cross this void first? Never will I holdrepparttar 131141 look thatrepparttar 131142 woman atrepparttar 131143 funeral bore, for I know nothing ofrepparttar 131144 bond a mother feels between herself and her child, only that which a child feels for his mother. Isrepparttar 131145 look that a child carries different from what I have seen? I do not know and do not wish to. Denial lends but weak hands where reality lives, yet softens its bitter edges nonerepparttar 131146 less.

Do I prepare myself for this face to come? Will being prepared enable me to avoid another slide down a wall intorepparttar 131147 black? Perhaps, but I fear that this embrace may take me further intorepparttar 131148 darkness that I hope to avoid.

If I listen to my heart, I know that there is but one path in this life. The path is ofrepparttar 131149 present, where I know my mother to be, and I will walk with her as far asrepparttar 131150 trail leads. Anything else would be a lieóor perhaps a sinóif I did not appreciate what life has given me: my mother.

Vic Peters is the author of Mary's Field, a new Christian novel from Millennial Mind Publishing. More information is available at www.marysfield.com

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Written by Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

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1. Make a plan and stick with it.

Write down on your calendar what needs to be done and by when. This will keep you on track, as things become increasingly hectic.

2. Having a Hallmark Christmas would be wonderful, but let's be realistic.

More than likely not everything is going to turn out to be justrepparttar way you planned. Don't try to make everything perfect. Dorepparttar 131129 best you can, and letrepparttar 131130 rest go.

3. Not everything has to be homemade.

In today's world, some ofrepparttar 131131 best goodies and treats can be found in your supermarket. Decide which two or three cookies and candies you will make. Select one day or evening to bake and make, box or freezerepparttar 131132 goodies, and call it done.

4. Make a budget and stick with it.

If you are one of those organized savers that opens a Holiday Club account at your local bank, all you have to do is go torepparttar 131133 bank and pick up your money. If you are likerepparttar 131134 rest of us, decide how much you can take out of your current budget. If you plan on using credit cards, decide how much you will charge, and keep track. Remember that you do have to pay them back beginning in January.

5. Homemade cards are wonderful, but do you really have time?

Unless you began making your cards in June, forget it. Buying them will be just fine. Including a handwritten note in each one is a nice touch; however, unless you started six months ago, let it go. I know many people disdain those form holiday letters, but they are better than receiving a card that is simply signed Don and Diane. Since holiday cards arerepparttar 131135 only time we hear from some people, including a holiday letter helps us keep in touch with our once-a-year friends.

6. You do not have to attend every holiday event.

Limitrepparttar 131136 number of holiday events you will attend. You simply don't haverepparttar 131137 time to go to every single party, tree decorating event, and craft show that will be happening during this busy time ofrepparttar 131138 year. Decide what you want to attend, RSVP in advance, and enjoy.

7. If you are hosting a party or holiday dinner, don't try to cook it all.

If you are hosting a holiday event, consider having some, if not all, of it catered. If that isn't inrepparttar 131139 budget this year, askrepparttar 131140 guest to bring their favorite dish to share. This way you will only have to provide some ofrepparttar 131141 food and will haverepparttar 131142 time and energy to enjoy your guest.

8. Ask for help.

You don't have to do everything. Getrepparttar 131143 family involved. Everything is more fun when done with others. Get help decoratingrepparttar 131144 tree, bakingrepparttar 131145 goodies, and addressingrepparttar 131146 cards.

9. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

The holidays are notrepparttar 131147 time to abandon your routine. Keep going torepparttar 131148 gym, eating healthy foods, and taking time to relax. The holidays can be stressful and keeping up with our self-care will help to reducerepparttar 131149 stress and allow us to enjoyrepparttar 131150 season.

10. Remember whatrepparttar 131151 holidays are all about.

Beyondrepparttar 131152 gifts and glitter, this holiday is really about connecting with friends and family, and celebratingrepparttar 131153 love we have in our lives. Keep in mind what is important about this time of year. Celebraterepparttar 131154 important things and relax inrepparttar 131155 joy ofrepparttar 131156 season.

Rachelle Disbennett-Lee is a certified professional personal and business coach. Coach Lee is an internationally known coach and the publisher of the award winning newsletter, 365 Days of Coaching. For more information about Coach Lee go to her websites www.365daysofcoaching.com or www.coachlee.com

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