F.A.Q's About Mysterious Chills and Thrills for Kids Galley Copies

Written by LH Publications and Productions

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3. How can I tell if I have a galley copy vsrepparttar real deal of Mysterious Chills and Thrills?

Galley copies say "Galley copy only", "Gallery copy only" "Galley only copy" or "Gallery only copy." There's no table of contents. Also...there is no autograph inrepparttar 139370 book. Ifrepparttar 139371 front title page is missing...most likely it's a galley. The galley copies have a glossy book cover, andrepparttar 139372 real deal versions do not.

If you do find a galley copy from a friend, relative, etc..., please inform them thatrepparttar 139373 copy is not for re-sell. If someone sold you a galley, it would be inrepparttar 139374 best interest to get a refund especially if you paid more thanrepparttar 139375 actual cost ofrepparttar 139376 real Mysterious Chills and Thrills.

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10 Simple Things to Think about Before Starting an E-zine

Written by Laura Hickey -http://www.laurahickey.com

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Format- Will your e-zine be in PDF, text or HTML?

Deliveru- Will your e-zine be weekly, bi-monthly-monthly or quarterly?

Material- Will your material come from paying contributors or from free article directories?

Contact- Make sure you have a public e-mail address for others to contact.

Links- Will you provide additional places for your readers to check out regarding your content for that e-zine issue?

Creating an e-zine can be fun and profitable, but there are no guarantees. Good luck!

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