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  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughoutrepparttar day, not in one gulp. Your body needs to be hydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, lack of concentration, irritability and headaches.

  • Secret to lose body fat? You must eat fewer calories than your body burns off. That is all!

  • Ideally, eat 5-6 small meals every 3 hours. But remember... smaller quantities not HUMONGOUS sizes.

  • So much written about PROTEINS. Increase your protein intake. Protein helps to build new muscles, increase your metabolism - which burns calories.

  • Think positive and visualizerepparttar 131186 NEW you.

  • Haverepparttar 131187 worst photo of yourself, yes, exactly, that one...repparttar 131188 one you don’t like because you look fat paste it in a place where you can see it. Next to it, place an ideal figure either of yourself or from an inspiration figure to motivate yourself and reach your goal: A NEW HEALTHY FIGURE!!

  • Don't let other people's negative comments affect your weight loss program. Be consistent and know that you are working towardrepparttar 131189 NEW you.

  • Not liking counting calories or carbs? Don't panic! Just learn good eating habits and choose vegetables/fruits.

  • Say SO LONG TO JUNK FOOD!!! You are not a human garbage bin! Instead, eat lots of vegetable and fruits.

  • Weight Loss Replacement meals are excellent when in a hurry or planning your calorie intake. Check for well balanced meal replacements to get all your nutrients.

  • Be patient, losing weight is not overnight. But you are on your way to overcome obesity!

  • Say NO to BIG PORTIONS when eating out. Ask for medium or smaller portions. Enjoy smaller portions of healthy foods.

  • Take breaks when feeling pressured or under stress. Take a walk, meditate, or listen to your favorite music. It will lift up your spirit.

  • Waking up and wanting to feel energized? Get some hot water with a squeeze of lemon before breakfast. It will speed up your metabolism forrepparttar 131190 day, and helps prevent constipation.

  • Learn to love yourself. Love isrepparttar 131191 most powerful tool to accomplish everything.

  • If you are a believer, pray for strength to keep your new healthy life style.

  • Modernize your wardrobe. Don’t hide on those big t-shirts!

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week, diet alone will not help you lose weight and keep it off. Hints: home exercise videos, walk, go to a gym, run, hike with a friend.

  • With our rush daily life, we tend to eat fast. Try to eat slowly, chewing each bite completely. This will help you to enjoy your meals and decrease your appetite.

  • Good news for those chili lovers! Chili helps to speed up metabolism.

  • Read labels to see your calorie intake. Remember a calorie is always a calorie. What goes in remains in if you consume extra calories.

  • Avoid eating 3 hours or more before bed time. If feeling hungry or craving for sweet, have a cup of a flavored tea or a simple fruit. I will be happy to hear from you and wish you allrepparttar 131192 best. Do not give up, you can do it, be positive and start today your way forrepparttar 131193 new you!

    Until next time, Official!! Overweight? NO MORE!!

    Anna “Overweight? NO MORE!” lost over 80 pounds from 230 pounds and has kept the weight off for 3 years. She believes that every person can achieve a healthier figure with determination, eating healthy, and exercising. I did it, so can you!” contact:

  • Burn Fat Not Sugar!

    Written by Michelle Wollaston

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    Weight lifting is another great exercise for losing weight because it will build muscle and muscle burns fat. Yep, that's true. The more muscle you haverepparttar more fat your body burns every day. Don't get me wrong - I am talking easy weight lifting, such as with 5 or 10 pound weights, and limit this to about 20 minutes a day, every other day. Alternate walking and weight lifting duringrepparttar 131183 week - take Sunday Off. It is really that simple! Start your walking program easy too. Start with 5 minutes out, and then come back. Over time increase to 10 minutes out, and then come back; then 15, then 20. 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back - 40 minutes total every other day. Then stay consistent! One ofrepparttar 131184 biggest problems with strenuous exercise is that people sometimes injure themselves early on inrepparttar 131185 program, and then that'srepparttar 131186 end of it! All you need to do is walk and weight lift - light workouts. And once you have gotten started, do it consistently. This easy exercise program combined with a program of nutrition, information, and personal coaching can be just your ticket, to getting rid of those unwanted pounds forever.

    Michelle is a personal wellness coach who will cut through the diet-hype and help you reach your goal weight. No public 'weigh-ins', meetings that cost you money or fads...simply results you will love! You can receive a free consultation. Visit today:

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