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Written by Tom Worsley

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Try to stay focused when you post ads. It's easy to get attracted by some advertising that says: "post 2000 ads here" or "this submit software post to 500.000 sites with a click of a button" or something similar. You will find a lot of attractive offers on those sites because they know that you are a targeted customer! One good rule is: You will never find anyone advertising effective advertising. Logic: Ifrepparttar advertising is effective it will be used byrepparttar 139113 owner itself. Submission software’s are useless; because they post to sites no real humans visit. All good classified ad sites have protection against these software’s. Posting manually or withrepparttar 139114 help of a typing program like AdWizard arerepparttar 139115 best methods (the only methods). But if you want to try a free service that post to over three million sites go here: And PLEASE follow my advice and use your business e-mail address this time.

Do not spam FREE classified sites. Most have guidelines on how often you can post. Follow these guidelines precisely or risk being banned from placing more classified ads. I once found a really good business opportunity classified site that was converting great so I decided to post more and more ads. The FREE classified site owner recognized this and banned me for not followingrepparttar 139116 rules. Do not fall into this trap.

There is one tool that is essential to posting free classified ads and it’s called AdWizard. You can download a copy for free atrepparttar 139117 following web page.

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How to Advertise with Flyers

Written by Terri Seymour

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6. Don't forget aboutrepparttar back of your flyer. Take advantage of this space as well. List some of your specials, sales, more testimonials, incentives, etc.

7. Do not stop at one try. You MUST follow-up!

8. Test your flyers as well. Use different incentives, headlines, paper colors and see which ones getrepparttar 138785 best response.

9. Distribute your flyers in targeted areas. If you offer a business opportunity, try distributing them atrepparttar 138786 unemployment office. If you offer weight loss products, visitrepparttar 138787 local gyms and exercise studios.

There are several ways you can distribute your flyers, once you have designed them and printed them out.

Post your flyers on Public Bulletin Boards found in grocery stores, community centers, banks, post offices, laundromats, etc.

Hand them out outside of targeted buildings such as stores, unemployment office, restaurants, etc. Never push your flyers on anyone. If they hand it back, smile and accept it back. Do not block doorways or sidewalks! If handing flyers out in stores, malls, etc., be sure and get permission.

Parades and other public events are great places to hand out flyers. Do not engage in conversation, just smile and offerrepparttar 138788 flyers. If they do not take it, move on.

You can also distribute your flyers door-to-door. Leave repparttar 138789 flyers onrepparttar 138790 doorknob, not in mailboxes!

Talk with apartment building owners, real estate offices. People just moving intorepparttar 138791 area are always in need of this type of information.

Check with your town's ordinances. Leaving flyers on people's cars might not be allowed in your city. Be sure and know all local laws before starting your flyer campaign!

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