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I can't stress it enough, It's just that simple. So work on a standard 3 line add keep it simple and start sending it out to everyone onrepparttar list now. You can get updates as well and offer your space every month. Who knows by next month you'll have more traffic than you'll know what to do with. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Here's another tip not many people consider to gather new subscribers. Using web forms are a great way to meet your visitors and guests who come into your site. Alot ofrepparttar 124392 older sites already know this technique. As much as we hate spam mail we are subject to it by simply listing with that site.

You can do virtuallyrepparttar 124393 same thing with your form by using an auto responder. If your site doesn't have that much traffic coming in then you simply can userepparttar 124394 email address gained from your forms an send out a "Canned" letter about your ezine through your ezine host. To simplify this use your email template feature and then copy and paste to your hosts invitation area. You'll want to use your subscribe address inrepparttar 124395 TO: block also. If you wish to add it inrepparttar 124396 body ofrepparttar 124397 letter itself then be sure proceed it with mailto: this will then make your address a hypertext link for your readers to use.

Be sure to also include a REMOVE address as well generally works well if you have an alias option from your web host. If not you can open a free mail account to handle this mail and then deleterepparttar 124398 names as they come in if need be.

Keep a separate list ofrepparttar 124399 addresses in your email program of all your contacts and periodically compare it torepparttar 124400 subscribers. Resend these people an invitation in a few days explaining why your ezine isrepparttar 124401 best for them to join.

Good Luck with your subscriptions and happy ezining

Bob Hansen is the editor and webmaster for the following sites and has been doing it now for well over 6 yrs. His knowledge and expert advice has helped many new web designers bring in more traffic than they thought possible. Cameo Clothes News - Renaissance Costumes & Wedding attire

10 Tips for Successful Ezine Advertising

Written by Michael Southon

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Userepparttar 'subject categories' in any ezine directory to find ezines that relate torepparttar 124391 product you're selling. You can find a list of 56 ezine directories in 'The Free Directory of Ezines' at:

3. Once you've chosen a number of ezines that target your audience, subscribe to them and examinerepparttar 124392 ads closely. If you see an ad that keeps repeating issue after issue, you can be pretty sure that it's getting results. You've found a good ezine to advertise in.

4. Check to see how many ads are inrepparttar 124393 ezine. You probably won't get much response from an ad in an ezine that has 15 or 20 ads per issue. Readers of those ezines have become hardened torepparttar 124394 ads and have learnt to skip them.

5. Check to see ifrepparttar 124395 ezine publisher has a policy of never running ads for two similar products inrepparttar 124396 same issue - your ad will be much more effective if it'srepparttar 124397 only one of it's kind in that particular issue.

6. Small ezines Vs. Big ezines: bigger is not always better. The big ezines with 1000's of subscribers tend to have more ads thanrepparttar 124398 small ezines. Also, small ezines with only a few hundred subscribers often have a much more targeted audience thanrepparttar 124399 big ezines.

7. Repeat your ads. Research shows that offrepparttar 124400 Web, an ad has to be seen about 21 times before someone acts on it; onrepparttar 124401 Internet it's about 9 times. If your budget allows, try and have your ad repeated at least three times in a particular ezine. Most ezines offer discount packages for bulk advertising.

8. Email address Vs. URL. The advantage of giving an email address is that it gives yourepparttar 124402 opportunity to send a powerful sales letter torepparttar 124403 person who responded to your ad. It's also much easier to track your ads with an email address than a URL.

9. Offer something free in your ad copy. It'll often tiprepparttar 124404 balance between a response and no response.

10. Keep your ads short, even if you're not usingrepparttar 124405 number of words you're allowed. Short ads are more likely to be read. Keep your sentences short too; they pack much more power. Userepparttar 124406 word 'You'. Don't describe your product but tellrepparttar 124407 reader what your product can do for them.

Michael Southon is the publisher of 'The Free Directory of Ezines' He is also the Editor of 'FreeZine Express', a twice-monthly newsletter that brings you details of new Ezines added to the TFDE as well as Articles and Tips on Ezine Advertising and Ezine Publishing. To subscribe, send a blank email to:

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